Save Money– Join a Club

If you’re like most people, you’re probably always trying to find new ways to save a buck. Sometimes it’s easy– you come across a buy one get one free deal at the grocery store or you clip a valuable coupon out of your Sunday newspaper. But people in the know are privy to other great ways to save money.

Clubs aren’t just for kids with tree forts anymore. Members-only clubs geared towards adults are all popping up everywhere, and all you have to do is decide which ones to join.

Like watching movies?

DVD clubs come in all shapes and sizes. Popular mail order clubs allow you to order a bunch of DVDs up front for one low price, with the promise to purchase a predetermined amount over the next year or two. This can be a great way to beef up your DVD collection. Before you join, just make sure the club offers a good variety of DVDs that you would want to own. Take into account the company’s shipping charges as well and then order to your heart’s content.

Like to watch, but don’t want to own?

Mal order DVD rental clubs are another hot craze. For a monthly fee, you can rent as many DVDs as you can watch– and the best part is they’re sent right to your door. You’re sent a select number of DVDs at one time from your pre-made wish list. After you watch them, return them in postage paid envelope and more DVDs from your list will be sent to you. This is a great, money-saving option if your family watches a lot of movies.

Is music more your cup of tea?

CD clubs have been around for years, but have you ever joined one? This is a great way to buy the hottest CDs at a fraction of the retail cost. CD clubs are also a great way to replace your old albums and tapes in CD format. The process works the same way as the DVD club– you get a stack of CDs up front with the commitment to buy a few more. Check out the website of any club before you join to make sure they have CDs that you want to buy.

Avid readers? The line forms here!

Book clubs are the granddaddy of all clubs, but today there is more competition than ever to get your business. Some clubs have unbeatable offers that only require you to purchase one additional book in the next year. There is also a new twist– book rental clubs. Just like the DVD rental club, you pay a monthly fee and the club will send you books on your list. Return them and get more books from your list, to read at your leisure. No more trips to the library to read the hot bestsellers on a tight deadline– these books are delivered right to your door and are yours for as long as it takes you to read them.

One-stop stock up at the warehouse

Warehouse clubs are another popular haven for today’s shoppers. No longer content with going from store to store to get all of the items on their list, shoppers flock to these mega stores to stock up on everything from diapers to tires.

You pay an annual fee to shop in these stores and, for your money, you have access to a wide variety of products– grocery items, home furnishings, books, clothes, electronics– you name it. Warehouse clubs are notorious for their members-only status, but most will let you test the waters by giving you free admittance for one day of shopping (you may be charged a small surcharge on the items you do buy). Most of these clubs only sell items in bulk– super sized packages of paper products, toiletries and food items. If you live alone, it may not be beneficial for you to shop at a warehouse club (unless you have someone to split the items with). Or– who knows? Maybe you like stocking up on a year’s worth of toilet paper! The choice is yours.

And don’t forget about the frequent buyer clubsÃ?¯Ã?¿Ã?½

These clubs are the easiest of all to join. Often there is no fee involved– you just sign up for a club card that tracks your purchases. Other clubs track your orders via your telephone number. In the end, you wind up with discounted merchandise or a coupon off of a future purchase. All in all, not a bad exchange for a shopper who wants to save a few dollars.

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