How to Coordinate a Fashion Show

Fashion show coordinators are generally the busiest people at these exciting and glamorous events – the audience sees only the final product, and has no idea what the fashion show coordinator has put in to pull off a successful show. While coordinating such an event is no mean feat, careful organisation and plenty of planning can lead to a great show.

Things Required:

– A suitable location
– Models
– Clothes
– Lighting
– Music
– Various decorations
– Invitations
– Seating chart
– Advertising flyers


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    The first step to coordinating a successful fashion show is to select and secure an appropriate venue for the event. This will depend largely on the budget for the show – you can choose to host the event in a tent specifically constructed to suit your needs, or a warehouse. In addition to budget, the venue also needs to be suited to the type of collection that is being shown, so be sure to talk to the designers before selecting a location and starting negotiations with the owner of the venue.

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    Next, start hiring the models. Contact modelling agencies, line up a couple of options, and then hold an audition to pick the ones you want for the show. It is not necessary to hire one model per outfit – if you have, e.g. 40 looks for show, simply hire 20 models, and each can present two outfits. When selecting the models at the audition, make sure you choose the ones who look the best in designer clothes, and have the strongest walks.

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    Then, switch your attention to the clothes that will be showcased. Here, it is important to maintain constant contact with the designers who will be showing their pieces. Keep tabs on when the outfits will be ready and available for the show, and once the clothes arrive, assign each model her/his outfits, and adjust the clothes according to their individual measurements.

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    Once these finer details have been worked out, it’s time to garner attention for the upcoming event, and start advertising the show. This is where you will be required to go into overdrive – send out invitations with RSVP’s to everybody who matters, get media and press coverage for the event, print out flyers to advertise the show, and send out mass emails.

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    After all this, go over all the arrangements and details one final time. Chalk out the seating plan, make sure the venue is clean and decorated as per your preferences, prepare the runway and the backstage area for the models to change and get their makeup and hair done, and fix the lighting and soundtrack for the show- you will need to hire a lighting expert and a DJ for these last two purposes.

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    Finally, make sure you have plenty of rehearsals, with the models, designers, the DJ and the lighting expert present. Get it perfect so everyone executes flawlessly on the night of the actual performance.

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