To Dress Well Might Mean Challenging Fashion Rules

Let’s face it, you used to be on top of your game. You always received compliments and you were feeling rather good about yourself, in fact your were quick to dispense unsolicited advice to complete strangers about how to put a look together, what to buy, where and how to buy clothing. Yet you have gotten in over your head and have been, let us say, distracted. You started buying from questionable establishments, you are not the bargain shopper you used to be and your look is rather pathetic. You have tried to rationalize to yourself, “I’ve found other things to feel good about, I have other priorities.” People wonder if you are ok when they see you, and infants in baby strollers roll their eyes at you.

You have to push yourself to take the steps towards recovery but you are afraid, as you lack the confidence that you had built up for so long. What do you do?

  • Buy what makes you uncomfortable. You continue to see the same articles of clothing in the department store but you are afraid that you are too old, attempting to look younger or the other way around. You are not skinny enough, or that look does not flatter you. Go ahead, try it on, and see for yourself. Take someone whose opinion you value and get confirmation, and no, not that young salesperson who hits on you to make a sale.
  • Stop obsessing over the details. Particularly if you are a bargain shopper, because it is never perfect. This is why the bargain is so good to begin with. Yet clothing that is imperfect in some way, or outside of the norm that you have set for yourself, will cause you to challenge your thinking and perhaps even your approach towards the way you put a look together. This is what is going to set you apart from the rest.
  • Take control over your colors and patterns again. We easily fall into a safe pattern of mixing colors, patters, and fabrics together to ensure a perfect look every time. It works for a while but then it becomes quite boring. Take chances again.
  • Finally, stop investing so much. It does not matter that the look is conservative and timeless when you are not doing anything as far as the trends are concerned. Besides, you never know which trends will actually stand the test of time. Yet you do not have to dive in head first, just stick a toe in the water.

Once you get the confidence back and challenge some of the fashion rules you have always abided by, people will find the way that you look to be interesting again. Have fun, and remember to pick something up for me as well!

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