Spring Fashion

From crafty white frocks with a 60’s innocence to pantsuits, designers offered plenty of options this season. Art is, yet again, fashion’s latest thing to cogitate about. Here, we will zoom in on the looks that are really happening this Spring.

Innocent White Dresses

With their eyelet, lace, and openwork embroidery, Easter’s white dresses are devotional exercises in needlecraft.

Fashion hasn’t looked this sexy since the days when Prince was crooning “Kiss.” Designers turned to asymmetry, bandage dresses, and other daring signatures of eighties starts like Versace and Azzedine Alaia for after-dark inspiration this season.

The Newly Fashioned Pantsuit

After seasons of sweet and sexy dresses, pantsuits are dominating the runways once again. But don’t call it a comeback of eighties power dressing. The new incarnations go from soft and slouchy, yet softly tailored.

Platforms to Wedges and Denim Bags

Sky-high and funky, platforms and wedges bring a large heel and a lot of excitement for the feet this season. From rope-wrapped espadrilles for daytime to sexy evening wedges with metallic shine, these styles will be a sure fit for springs romantic tops and dresses.

The latest way to incorporate denim in your wardrobe isn’t through your jeans this season. It comes into play with your hand bags and shoes! Denim bags and shoes go well with most anything – white eyelet tops, khaki knickers, to a neutral toned sun-dress.

Pumping up the Volume

Pumping up the volume was a trend that began in spring of the 2005 season and detonated on the runways this past February. It drifted along on nearly every catwalk in the form of layered skirts, dresses, coats, and tops.

So, slinging a glitzy denim bag over your shoulder, adding a chic pantsuit with pin-stripes, buying a fluffy skirt, and including a few eyelet or lacy tops to your wardrobe is a must for this season. Not to mention you’ll be the envy of all your fashion-hip friends.

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