Tips for Choosing the Right Office Chair

There are many things to consider when picking out an office chair. The most important aspect of an office chair is the support that it gives you while working. If you have to sit in your office for several hours a day, making sure the chair provides you with the correct support and posture should be the most important part of your chair selection.

There are many features that office chairs offer for your comfort and support. Many chairs offer a few of the features and many offer several of the features. Understanding these features can help you make the right selection of office chair. Below is a list of features and what their purpose.

`Tilt Tension: Increases or decreases the resistances of chair tilt.
`Infinite Tilt Lock: Locks the chair in any tilt position for greatest comfort.
`Tilt Angle: Seat and back tilt simultaneously at the same ratio.
`Synchro Tilt: Back and seat tilt in a two-to-one ratio for proper circulation
`Forward Tilt: Allows proper blood flow to lower body during intensive forward oriented tasks.
`Knee Tilt: Recline with greater ease while allowing feet to remain comfortably on the floor, enhancing circulation through lower body.
`Seat Back Depth: Adjusts until the front of the seat is just behind the calf for maximum comfort and support.
`Back Height: Set the lumbar support to the most comfortable position for lower back support.
`Back Angle: Adjust for optimum support, so lumbar cushion rests comfortably against the lower back
`Pneumatic Seat Height: Adjust until the thighs and lower legs form a 90 degree angle.
`Adjustable Height Arms: Provide improved upper-torso support and can be adjusted periodically to relieve strain and provide variety.
`Seat Depth Mechanism: Seat cushion travels forward and back then locks into position.

Each persons needs are different when selecting an office chair. A person with poor circulation would want to go with a chair that would allow for your body to be in proper position to increase blood flow while working. Features such as ‘synchro tilt’ and pneumatic ‘seat height’ would be features to consider for someone with poor circulation. A person with back problems would want to choose a chair that offered ‘back height’ and ‘back angle’ to help give extra support in the back. A person who has problems with their shoulders and upper back hurting after sitting in their chair for any amount of time would want to choose a chair that offers ‘adjustable height arms’, ’tilt tension’, and ‘infinite tilt’. A person who suffers from swelling in the legs and feet would want a chair that would offer them help with that problem and have the feature ‘knee tilt’ and/or ‘pneumatic seat height’.

As you can see there really are more things to consider when picking an office chair than most of us would think. It is very important to take your personal needs into consideration when choosing the office chair to fit your right. When choosing an office chair make sure that the company you are planning to purchase from can tell you which features each chair has and help you make the right decision. My personal recommendations would be Office Depot or

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