How to Choose Wedding Gifts for Your Bridesmaids

Your wedding is a time of joy and celebration, and those who are in your wedding party have likely been friends for a long time. They are celebrating your joy, many times at great distances and at great expense.

Gifts for your bridesmaids are an excellent idea for showing your pleasure that your friends and family are coming together to celebrate your wedding day. Even small tokens are appreciated, because it shows you’re thinking of them on a day when your mind is filled with so many other things.

Keep in mind that each girl is different, and take this into consideration whe picking out a gift. For example, if one friend has more simple tastes, go with a sterling bracelet or subtle pearl earrings, like White Naomi earrings.

If another friend is a glamour queen, perhaps you’re best off going with a necklace like the Leslie Bridal Choker or a crystal studded evening bag. For a friend who doesn’t like jewelry, go with a compact or sterling silver business card holder. It all depends on your friends and their personalities, so take that into consideration when buying wedding gifts for your bridesmaids.

With a plethora of choices, from personalized bags and compact mirrors, to evening bags, purses, and bridesmaid’s jewelry, there are many lovely wedding gifts for your bridesmaids to choose from. You can find cheap bridesmaids gifts, unique bridesmaid’s gifts, custom engraved bridesmaid’s gifts, and more; here are some suggestions to help you decide what works best for your bridesmaids.

Bridesmaid jewelry as a wedding gift

Bridesmaid jewelry is always a sweet gift for those special women. From silver and precious stone to pearls and semiprecious stones, there are a number of great jewelry pieces and sets that are available for your bridesmaids. Perhaps a pearl and aquamarine necklace, or a set of Blue Keri earrings; choose the wedding gifts that seem the best fit for your bridesmaids.

Compact mirrors as bridesmaid’s gifts

Compact mirrors serve as excellent bridal gifts because not only are they reasonably priced; they are elegant, simple, and sure to please everyone. There are a variety of decorative compact mirrors, including those set with rhinestone or crystal inlays, sterling silver, custom engraveable compact mirrors, and more. Compact mirrors, especially if they are custom engraved, can create a sense of unity yet still remain unique to each bridesmaid.

Unique bridesmaid’s gifts

Unique bridesmaids gifts offer a wide range of possibilities, including custom engraved flasks, credit card holders, sterling sliver business card holders, bejeweled lipstick cases, sterling silver DVD holders, engraveable silver bookmarks, phonebooks, and manicure sets, to name a few. Unique wedding gifts for your bridesmaids are great if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a hard-to-please bridesmaid, or simply want each and every girl to feel extra special.

Evening bags, casual bags, and purses as bridesmaid’s gifts

Bags and purses are generally fail-safe gifts that all your bridesmaids will love. Evening bags and purses are an elegant option, as the bridesmaids can use them right away for the reception and after-wedding party. Casual bags are also great, especially if they are customized. Whether you choose the crystal studded evening bag, or canvas, leather, or silk casual bags, your bridesmaids are guaranteed to be pleased.

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