Confirmation Gifts

Confirmation gifts provide a symbolic way to honor the Confirmation experience and the individual who has become confirmed. Confirmation, a sacrament received by Catholics, symbolizes the entrance of the individual into the membership of the Catholic Church as one of the faithful. The individual, who is now strengthened by the presence of Christ, becomes an active member of the Church when he or she receives Confirmation.

A variety of gifts have been designed with Confirmation in mind. Selecting the proper gift to give someone who has received Confirmation is not difficult given all of the options. A little forethought and research can lead to the selection of the perfect gift to memorialize this occasion.

Confirmation gifts can be classified into several categories or themes: religious, feminine, masculine, whimsical, specialized, and scholarly. Many of the gifts are items that the individual will keep and cherish for years to come.

Religious Gifts

Religious themes include prayer books and bibles, statues and plaques, crosses and crucifixes, and rosary beads and jewelry. It probably has the largest variety and selection of all of the themes. Many religious stores, as well as, online sites carry these items all year long with newer items arriving periodically.

Nicely bound bibles, which are also available with engraved names and dates, provide a gift that will most likely be used for generations to come. This gift can be coupled with uniquely designed bookmarks. Bookmarks are available in a variety of materials and styles, transcending the ordinary into the exquisite. Bookmarks crafted in pewter have become increasingly popular over the years. Often, the bookmark will have a dangling charm of particular significance attached to its top end. In particular, doves, angels, and praying hands are among the most popular charms associated with Confirmation.

Numerous prayer books are on the market and can be selected with the individual in mind. Most prayer books are available with inspirational messages and passages to help guide the individual on their new journey. Inscribed holy cards are nice additions that can be given and used as bookmarks for the prayer books. In fact, the gift giver can include an inspirational message on the back of the holy card.

Books with religious and inspirational themes are popular gift items for the scholars and older Confirmation candidates, including teenagers. Books with religious themes such as, Catholicism, the Holy Spirit, and Christianity can be handy resources for a reaffirmation of faith. Inspirational books often address issues such as self-acceptance, life challenges, love, and questionable opportunities. Such books can provide the inspiration and motivation to deal with some of these challenges. Likewise, a book of psalms can also be a welcome gift with inspirational messages and finely illustrated pictures.

Crosses and crucifixes, symbols of Christian faith, have been designed in modern styles that reflect societal trends. In addition to presenting those as gifts, statues of saints, the Blessed Mother, and Jesus are very popular. Many different designs have been created and unique twists have been added to statues, including music and movement.

Rosary beads are often a popular choice due to their religious significance and the variety of choices that they offer. Available in numerous styles and colors, rosary beads can be selected in a personal manner, choosing favorite colors and styles. Likewise, the crucifixes on the rosaries are often finely crafted and available in sterling silver, gold, pewter, and enameled versions. Additionally, a rosary pouch or keepsake box can be included with the gift creating a safe and secure resting place.

Specialized Gifts

Specialized gifts include a variety of items that are categorized according to the individual’s relationship with the gift giver. For example, the gifts would include a line of items that make use of the following words: godchild, niece, nephew, daughter, son, granddaughter, and grandson. Greeting card companies have used this practice for many years with such success that manufacturers have recognized the need for specialized gifts as well.

Wall plaques, keepsake boxes, photograph albums, and picture frames often fall into this category of specialized gifts. In addition to the individual’s title, these items may include Confirmation blessings, words of wisdom, poetry, or inspirational passages from the Bible. A recurring theme would be that of faith and hope.

Gender Specific Gifts

Confirmation gifts are often designed with a specific gender in mind as well. Little girls bring to mind visions of ribbons and lace, pinks and whites, flowers and pretty things. Popular gifts for the little girl receiving Confirmation include, but are not limited to, jewelry, dolls and stuffed animals, and statues and wall plaques.

Jewelry always makes a nice statement as a gift, and is often presented to females receiving the sacrament. Styles, colors, and patterns are as varied as the colors of the rainbow. Jewelry with religious symbols heads the list of appropriate gifts from the jewelry line. Necklaces with crucifixes or medals, bracelets and earrings that incorporate doves, angels, and small crosses, and rings that portray a symbolic religious concept are often selected and presented in small jewelry or keepsake boxes.

Jewelry that reflects the ideals of Catholicism is easy to find and is available on a masculine level as well. Chains with small medals or crucifixes make nice gifts for the young gentleman. In fact, a variety of watches with religious themes are available on the market. Generally, the face will contain an inspirational message or prayer. If attained from a reputable dealer, the watches are well made and finely crafted. Rope bracelets in darker colors, some with a single charm attached, are suitable gifts for young men as well.

Whimsical Gifts

Whimsical gifts are sometimes preferred over others because they are more than likely to be the one of a king gift that will stand out in anyone’s mind. T-shirts with religious themes, often presented in amusing phrases, are becoming quite popular. Likewise, a set of worry stones designed with crosses offer a trendy idea as a gift. The stones are available in a variety of colors. Survival kits for the Confirmation candidate are also sold and generally include some type of candy and a few other small items with inspirational meanings. Blankets and casual throws with religious or inspirational messages have also entered the market as popular gift giving items.

The individual receiving Confirmation may not be the only one to receive a gift. Confirmation candidates are required to have a sponsor who will guide and support them through their journey. The candidate may decide to show their appreciation to their sponsor with a small gift. Quite often, the gift will be something suitable for the Confirmation candidate as well. Crosses, books, and plaques seem to be offered as meaningful ways to express gratitude to the sponsor.

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