Websites to Shop for Chocolate Online for the Chocoholic

The world if full of chocoholics, so finding the right chocolate can be a chore. The true chocoholic is finicky, willing to spend more for the right pieces, and adores handmade items. Compiled below is a list of the best handmade chocolates. Prices run from $2.75 for 2 pieces to $429.90 for a basket full of chocolates and wine. You can choose from French to Belgian made.

ZChocolate (

  • hand-made French chocolates
  • spreadsheet ordering for multiple orders
  • Can hand pick which chocolates you want
  • Decorated mahogany box that can be diamond engraved brass plate with purchase of Supreme or Deluxe series (refillable)
  • Top 20 French Chocolate makers
  • Chocolate bars (3 pieces) runs $34.12
  • Most expensive basket $429.90
  • Average of other series $60
  • Corporate services available
  • Delivered by DHL. Most expensive Basket $58 shipping
  • Located in France

Dan’s Chocolates (

  • Gourmet truffles
  • Hand-made
  • Portion of purchase donated to charity of choice
  • Sugar free and low carb available
  • Average price for 1lb box ($33.99), additional box run $21
  • Wholesale available


  • US shipping expensive (includes fee on products from outside of US)
  • Box of 144 pieces ran for around $60
  • Shipping took 10 days for international orders
  • Offers other items such as flowers

Leonidas Famous Belgian chocolate (

  • 1 lb $28
  • Shipping $9.50 for first item
  • Made with coco butter
  • Imported weekly from
  • Artistic Boxes with creative wrapping
  • Multiple locations around the world

L.A. Burdick Handmade Chocolates (

  • No molds used, all done by hand
  • Classic wood box assortments are tied with French wired ribbon and a gold wax seal
  • Done in Small batches
  • 10 pieces runs $17
  • Specialty is handmade bonbons
  • The mice and penguins are Burdick’s signature novelty chocolate. Crafted from leftover chocolate. All orders have at least one of them in the box.
  • Reasonable shipping. Can choose overnight to ground.

Rubens Chocolates (

  • Handmade
  • Priced by the piece ($2.75 for 2 pieces to $36.99 for 36)
  • Female Belgian native Master chocolatier
  • Made in Chicago, IL


All guarantee two week freshness

The Websites gave good information on ordering and shipping information.

Most had store locations to visit.

Online and/or Print catalogs were available

Clearly the choice depends on the type of chocolate desired and budget considerations.

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