The Best Free Auctions Online

Millions of people have tried Ebay – a great auction site where you can buy and sell almost anything – but some are disheartened by the amount of money it costs to list their items. And, if the item doesn’t sell, you don’t get a break – you still pay the fees. There are other auction alternatives, though, many of them are free.

Live Deal is one auction site that doesn’t charge you to list your stuff. They’ve got categories like vehicles, animals, and even real estate. If you’d rather not hold an auction you can opt for their free classified ad listings instead. Visit the site and learn more:

List your items for free at Storm Pay, another auction site online. Antiques, autos, baby items, clothing, computers, electronics, crafts, and much more. At this unique site you can even get paid for viewing auction listings!

At you’ll find plenty of auction categories, like dolls, coins, collectibles, boats, jewelry and pottery. There’s no listing fees and there are thousands of live auctions on any given day. Learn more about the site by visiting:

Auction, live chat, message boards – what more can you ask from a free auction site? Although they don’t have thousands of auctions – usually there are under a hundred – there are some good ones posted in categories like gemstones, photo/electronics, toys and collectibles.

Auction Warehouse features a unique option where you can quickly import your Ebay auctions to their site. The site has been around since 98 and features categories like tickets, real estate, musical instruments, travel, business, and art.

The Piepoints Auctions are very unique and different than other auctions. You do various things around the site to earn “piepoints” then you use the points you’ve gathered to bid on various auctions. Sometimes there will only be three or four auctions posted, other times there are dozens, but the points are easy to come by and you’ll never pay postage:

Epier is a small site but they offer free listings and have some great deals available. You can even set up a storefront for your auction visitors. The site boasts over 98,000 members with more signing up daily, so bookmark this site for future reference:

WeBidz also allows sellers to list for free, but like other sites that let you list for free, there are small fees if the item sells. Sometimes, though, they offer a special where they wave closing fees. There’s a forum and some other member perks, all at this location:

Other free-to-list auctions:,,,,, and

Ebay has long been the king of online auctions, and that’s probably the way it’ll be for quite some time to come. There are alternatives, though, like the auctions listed above. Visit some of them, familiarize yourself with the site, then start counting your cash as it arrives!

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