Keys Upholstery Has Been Serving the Needs of Interior Designers and Individuals for Over 30 Years

Keys Upholstery was started the late sixties by Conrad Keys. He started the small upholstery shop out of his garage and built up a small clientel for several years. After starting the business he left the company to his daughter and son in law. They have taken the small company and built it into a well known business for interior designers. They have built custom pieces of furniture such as ottomans, couches, and sofas to the exact dimensions. They have also worked with the most influential movers and shakers in Houston. They have reupholstered furniture for celebrities, athletes, and wealthy clientel.
The process begins with a selection of fabric that the designer or fabric store sends to the Upholstery shop. They will then pick up the furniture from the customers home. The fabric pieces are carefully cut. The pieces are sewn together and applied to the furniture which has been stripped of its old fabric. Once the piece is completely finished it gets a final inspection and it is loaded on the truck and redelivered to the customer several weeks later.

Their webpage lists various models of furniture a person can select from. After selecting the type of fabric they can decide if they would like to alter the cushions. They can get new foam in the cushions or they may decide to get down in the cushions instead which can greatly enhance the comfort of the furniture. You can also select nailheads for a decorative edge around certain pieces of furniture. There are many styles of nailheads that can be selected from the website.

They also will make pillows at your request. They can make small kidney pillows as accents for chairs. They can also make chair pads for wicker chairs. If you need an extra large cushion to fit a sitting area if you give them the dimensions they can cut a piece of foam and cut fabric to fit the cushion. It is all a matter of finding the perfect fabric for your home and then having it shaped to whatever it is that you desire.They will add new legs to previous pieces of furniture. They can add wheels to an ottoman. They can also touch up scratched pieces of furniture. They have many options available to spruce up your home.

Price of the reupholstery can be affect by the size of the piece and if it needs extra work due to damage. Sometimes cushions have to replaced in furniture. Or maybe the customer wants to add buttons or tufting. There are many variables involved in the prices of reupholstery.

The main reason they have stayed in business for so long is that they take pride in their work. Their customers come back to them again and again because they always make sure that do it right the first time. They have a life time guarantee on their workmanship. It is something that has made them have a very loyal base of Interior Designers who have used them for many years. It is because of this attention to detail that they have grown into a very successful upholstery shop.

If you have selected your fabric and want to have them pick up your furniture you may call them at 713-864-7299
They will give you a free estimate on what it will cost to reupholster your piece of furniture. They will be happy to give your furniture new life.

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