How to Customize Flat Hats

Hats are a great way to protect oneself as well as to accessorize oneself. Isn’t it great when you see a pizza deliverer bringing pizza to your doorstep and delivering the pizza to you he bows with his hat! A hat also makes you look taller and noticeable! Moreover hats are great way to protect us from sun and cold.
You might have also seen people wearing hats on special occasions like wedding shower, Easter, Halloweens, 4th of July or Carnival.
It is not likely that we go out to shop a hat and get the one we wished for and it is at this time we realize that being able to customize something to our wish is a great skill!
Customizing something on your own is not only fun but it also creates a sense of achievement. So in this article we will see how we can customize flat hats using simple hats that have been thrown in your attic since long! Here’s how:


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    Customizing a Top Hat into a Party Hat:

    Any top hat can do! Just get velvet fabrics of three different colors and few matching threads and a needle. Cut small square pieces out of these fabrics. Now sew them together and finally wrap it around the top hat. You can give any shape to the hat and use any color of your choice.

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    Fancify a Simple Derby hat for a Special Occasion

    Make your own wedding shower hat by fancifying a simple derby hat using toulles. First choose the tulle of any matching color.  Next cut the tulle of suitable length and with the help of glue wrap it all over the hat. It will not only make it unique but will also enhance your derby appearance with a touch of softness.

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    Witchfy your Hat:

    Although Halloween’s is a as special as any other occasion but the theme requires a certain spookiness in it. So in order to customize a hat for this, just open your wardrobe and look for some old T-shirt with the spookiest theme on it. The next thing you need is a hat! You may have an extra party hat lying in your attic, just get that. Cut out the theme from your T-shirt and take that piece and wrap it around the hat with a glue. There you go with a beautiful witch hat but with your own spooky theme!

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    Customizing a Top Hat into a Warm Hat:

    Looking for something different this winter? Just awaken the aesthetics in you! This is very simple! Just take a knitted sweater or any warm piece of cloth and cut it according to the shape and size of the top hat. Sew these pieces together and wrap them around the hat and your warm hat is ready.

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    Modifying Hats for Special Occasions:

    You can also modify your hats in thousands of simple but different ways! One idea is to write the name of the occasion with a glitter pen. You can even use different materials for modifying your hat including feathers, jewels, embroidered patches, floral/beaded wires,  shell buttons, tulles or ribbons keeping in view the occasion.

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    Make Your Own Sun Hats with Simple Flat Hats:

    Just take any flat hat and mark a circular pattern all around the hat with the help of a chalk. Now with the help of scissors cut it along the line that you have just marked. Finally sew a piping of the same colored fabric all along the edges to give a neat effect. Wow! An all the more new sun hat is ready to be worn.

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