Making Money by Setting Up Your Own Online Store

As an entrepreneur i had this great idea of selling home sewn jackets online with my college label and mascot on the back. However, i wasn’t sure if my business would really sell. It would be too costly to rent a space of land because i wasn’t sure if i would make back that money in profit. Plus i didn’t think that i would have enough marketing to sell my product online on amazon or ebay because it was a new fashion design. What did i decide to do you may ask? I had heard from a friend that i could set up my own online store.

My first stop was getting my own online website name. After thorough research i finally decided on using a website domain selling site. For the price of $8.95 a year i was able to have my own domain name that no no one else could use and i settled on a name that matched the description of the jackets i was going to sell.

My next problem was that although i had a website name, i had no way of selling or advertising my product. I searched the web on this also and found and easy site that i could sell my merchandise on. The price wasn’t that much and it seemed to me that even if i never sold any jackets, it wouldn’t be that much of a financial loss so it was worth the risk to me. The site gives a seller step by step directions on selling merchandise at your own home. You first pick a background and then you give them credit card information so that they can bill you for using their site each month. You also give them a credit card so that they can transfer funds into your account when one of your items are sold. You can give descriptions for each item. For me, it made perfect sense because it allowed me to list the size of the item from XXL to small. Prostores has a page dedicated to your own personal policies such as refunds and shipping costs. On the title page you can also experiment with different fonts and colors to decorate and make your website more attractive to viewers. There is a feature similar to amazon or ebay in which there is a cart for th buyer to buy more than one item at a time. After you are done reading about the topic i encourage anyone to search the site for themselves. Good luck to all and any future sellers!

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