Three Tire Service Stores in Cortland, New York

Ever year million of American have new tires installed on their vehicles. Many of these installations are planned; however, many individuals encounter problems such as a blown or flat tires. Whether your service is planned or an emergency, there are number of tire stores and shops in the Cortland, New York area.

(1) Cortland Tire Service is located at 30 Groton Avenue in Cortland.

Cortland Tire has been serving the Cortland area community for a number of years and they come highly recommended. Cortland Tire will perform service, installation, and maintenance on all tires. Tire services may include, but are not limited too, tire balancing, tire rotations, flat tire repairs, and other general wheel maintenances. This location offers Goodyear, Dunlop, and Gemint Tires. Cortland Tire Service is open Mondays through Fridays from eight in the morning until five thirty at night and Saturdays form eight until two in the afternoon.

To learn more about their rates and other automobile repair services available, contact Cortland Tire Service at (607) 753-3373. You may also view their online website at for more information. Their online website also will display current sales and they have printable coupons available.

(2) Kost Tire and Muffler is located at 149 Clinton Avenue in Cortland. This location is conveniently located near the corners of Clinton and Route 11 and is not too far from the Interstate 81 Cortland exit.

Kost Tire and Muffler is a locally known company that has locations throughout Central New York and Pennsylvania. They will perform standard service, installation, and maintenance on tires. You may have a large section of new and used tires to choose from. A few examples of the tire brands that they may have in stock can include Dunlop, Michelin, Firestone, and more. In addition to handling vehicle tires, Kost Tire and Muffler can perform muffler, brake, transmission, and other mechanical repairs.

To contact the Cortland Kost Tire and Muffler location, call their shop at (607) 756-4154. You may also visit the main website for Kost Tire and Muffler at

(3) Tallmadge Tire Auto Service Center is located at 59 Groton Avenue. They are located directly on the corner of Homer Avenue and Tompkins Street.

Tallmadge Tire has been servicing the Cortland area for seventy-three years. A wide variety of automobile services and repairs can be preformed here. Although Tallmadge Tire specializes in tire services and repairs, they are able to perform New York State inspections, repair brakes, radiators, and more. Michelin, Firestone, Bridgestone, and General Tire are just a few examples of the many new or used tires they have available.

I have personally used the services of Tallmadge Tire before and I have always been pleased with their work and customer service. My only complaint is that their parking lot is small. When you drop off your car there isn’t a lot of empty spaces available. If you have a local Cortland phone book, you should check the coupon section in there. Tallmadge Tire will regularly place a coupon or two in the insert. Tallmadge Tire is open Mondays through Fridays from seven thirty until five thirty and Saturdays from eight until two.

You are not required to schedule an appointment for tire care; however, it may reduce your wait time. To obtain more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Tallmadge Tire at (607) 756-7559.

If you are in need of new tires or repairs on your current ones, visit one of these fine tire stores today.

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