How to Buy Cleats

For many sports, cleats are essential and neccessary to play the sport. Cleats are used in soccer, football, baseball and most other sports that play on grass or dirt. Cleats are helpful in maintaining traction and footing on wet ground and slippery surfaces. When buying cleats there are a few things to remember.

The first is to make sure that you know the purpose of buying the cleats. Which sport do you want to buy cleats? There are many different types and models of cleats. Most sports have different kinds of cleats. Baseball cleats are not the same as soccer or football cleats.

Some good stores which have helpful sales clerks and great selections of cleats are Models, Sports Authority, Footlocker, Champs and Finish Line. Each of these stores are reasonable in price for a pair of cleats and have the different models for each sport.

When buying cleats, look at the section of the aisle you are in. If the section says baseball then you are probably looking at baseball cleats on that isle. Another way of figuring out which sport the cleats are for is by looking at the box the cleats came in. Usually the box will state which sport or purpose the cleats are to be used.

Another good suggestion that if you play a sport outdoors in conditions that are very muddy or with a lot of rain or snow, I suggest that you buy cleats with longer than average spikes in them. This will give you even better traction and allow you to run faster and without slipping on the field.

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