BCBG Max Aria Show at Olympus Fashion Week

Ensembles at the BCBG Max Aria show during Olympus Fashion Week were simple, light and flowing, but embellished with playful details. This combination lent the ensembles a sense of casual grace, and the show was filled with examples of sophisticated glamour that was anything but stodgy. The BCBG Max Aria show at Olympus Fashion week this year was awash with luxe boho garments. Major trends laid out in the BCBG Max Aria show were babydoll tunic shapes with girly details like ribbons and eyelet lace. However, despite the childlike innocence of many of the outfits in the recent BCBG Max Aria show during Olympus Fashion Week, the Spring ’07 line retains the distinctively mature, contemporary look of the BCBG label. Read on to learn more about the bold choices and tiny flourishes of the spring ’07 BCBG Max Aria show at Olympus Fashion Week.

Ribbons were everywhere at the BCBG Max Aria show, mostly serving as delicate sashes adding shape and definition to the flowing garments cut in loose, bohemian lines. Ribbon belts for pants have come and gone, but the BCBG Max Aria show presented an alluring template for how to re-invent the ribbon trend with a more sophisticated and feminine effect. Ribbons can verge on childish or ironic, but the designer kept the look grown-up and understated by opting for ribbons that were thin, matte, and monotone. This fresh look created for the Olympus Fashion BCBG Max Aria show is sure to be imitated.

Eyelet Lace
Another girly detail that cropped up all over the Spring ’07 BCBG Max Aria show was eyelet lace. This innocent fabric looked surprisingly grown up on the runways at Olympus Fashion Week, especially when used to provide daringly asymmetrical stripes. Eyelet lace also popped when employed for color contrast; a babydoll dress in light pink eyelet lace that showed glimpses of a shockingly bright orange underneath had a striking 1960s look. Wherever eyelet lace turned up, the contrast created by using this traditional and conservative fabric in bold and original ways made this fabric turn plenty of heads at the BCBG Max Aria show.

The BCBG Max Aria show featured a number of outfits in single shades, hinting that the understated elegance of monotones might be big for Spring ’07. Many ensembles undercut the severity of monotone textiles with playful crocheted or lace edgings in coordinating colors. The color palette was mostly subdued, with plenty of mauve and salmon tones that were just this side of neutral. The few exceptions, which were splashes of orange and aqua, popped without feeling garish, due to the fact that although the hues were intense, the saturation stayed low.

The watchword for shape at BCBG Max Aria show during Olympus Fashion Week this year was drape. The core of the collection was a series of babydoll tunic dresses in light, airy fabrics, held to the body with delicate ribbons. The overall impression was one of ease, grace, and fabrics with an almost liquid drape over shoulders and hips.

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