Ionic Pro Air Purifier Reviewed

People have become increasingly concerned with the cleanliness of their apartments and homes, particularly with an increase in allergens and irritants in the air of urban and suburban neighborhoods. Often times, people use a combination of cumbersome air purifiers, dehumidifiers, and other filters to clean their air. However, the cost of replacing filters, running electricity to these devices, and making sure they are maintained properly is too much time spent for people who have far too little time. One simple solution to the problem of home and apartment air quality is the Ionic Pro air purifier.

The Ionic Pro air purifier uses three steel collection blades in order to pick up the most minute (down to 1 micron) bits of pollen, dust, and other air born irritants. This air purifier uses a completely silent air circulation system to distribute air throughout the room after the filtering process is over. The collection blade and filtration process do not require any costly filters to replace and the collection blades are easy to remove for quick cleaning. As well, the use of energy efficient processes in the Ionic Pro means that it won’t make a major dent in the household energy budget.

The Ionic Pro air purifier is a great choice for those who want to ensure that their home, office, or apartment has the best air quality possible. At a little under $150 dollars, it is a great bargain for those who have to spend hundreds to maintain their current air purifying system. As well, the Ionic Pro ships within a week of purchasing the product, which means that customers can quickly begin to ensure that their health and livelihood won’t be influenced by air born irritants or allergens.

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