Where to Buy Exotic Meats and Game on the Internet

In response to increased demand for healthier alternatives to red meat, many supermarkets across the country now carry buffalo meat, and to a lesser extent, ostrich meat. Such meats are healthy, delicious, nutritious, and an excellent substitute for beef. But if you’re interested in more exotic fare, then you may need to look beyond the borders of your local supermarkets.

The internet can be a one-stop shopping source for a multitude of exotic meats and poultry, able to deliver anything and everything to your doorstep, saving you the trouble and effort of having to journey into the great outdoors and hunt for your own exotic meal of choice.

Elk and venison are easily found roaming the pages of various websites selling exotic meats, as well as quail, pheasant, and wild turkey. But perhaps your taste buds wish to sample more than simple game birds and deer. If so, prepare your dinner plate and wet your lips, because a feast of the exotic is only a few mouse clicks away.

The first stop on the adventure is a website aptly named ExoticMeats.com. Perhaps the largest internet source for all game and specialty meats, ExoticMeats.com sells only farm raised, quality products, as well as meats free of hormones and antibiotics.

At ExoticMeats.com, you’ll be able to purchase cuts, steaks, chops, sausages, patties, roasts, and more, from a large variety of animals including alligator, lamb, llama, wild boar, antelope, and bear, among others. The poultry section contains duck, goose, ostrich, poussin, and other game birds.

The website offers frequent specials, as well as detailed descriptions of the meats along with recipes and cooking tips. If you’ve yet to try any of these exotic meats and are uncertain as to whether you might enjoy them, you can purchase a variety of sampler packages.

Many consumers still regard Amazon.com as a book and music internet store, but over the years, it has morphed into much more. Amazon.com now boasts an impressive gourmet food department, selling a large variety of game and exotic meats from a large list of retailers.

The usual meats are well represented – buffalo, ostrich, venison, elk, as well as less common fare, such as rattlesnake and frog’s legs. Even kangaroo, wild boar, and rabbit make an appearance. At Amazon.com, you can search by type of food, style of cuisine, and by brand name.

IndianValleyMeats.com is based in Alaska, and sells a large variety of specialty meats, sausages, and fish. In addition to the usual roundup of meats, you’ll also find reindeer and caribou.

Also setting IndianValleyMeats.com apart from other purveyors of fine exotic meats is their offers of custom fish processing and smoking, and custom game processing. Have your moose or buffalo prepared any way you desire, and your fish custom smoked and canned. Gift boxes are also available, at very reasonable prices, featuring great selections of exotic meats or fish to sample.

YourGourmetShop.com also offers a large selection of exotic meats and game birds, as well as a diverse accompaniment of side dishes and desserts. Once again, all the favorites are adequately represented, and other additions include Kobe beef, turtle and frog, kangaroo, and caviar.

Gourmet chocolate and desserts are also a feature at YourGourmetShop.com, along with 100% natural beef and pork. Prices are reasonable, quality is superb, and a number of gift sets make sampling easy.

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