Tips on Purchasing Different Styles of Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry has always been a fairly cheap and popular fashion accessory. There are over one million different silver jewelry pieces and styles available. Each day additional silver jewelry designs are produced.

Sterling silver is one of the most common types of silver. Authentic sterling silver jewelry should have a code marked somewhere on the item. A common sterling sliver jewelry code is 925. This often helps individuals form being mislead and purchasing a cheaper version of sterling silver.

Silver jewelry pieces are often spiced up with additional accessories. For example, it is not uncommon to find a diamond, ruby, or cubic zirconia inserted into a silver ring or other silver jewelry piece. Cubic zirconia is a popular and cheap substitute for diamonds. Many discounted jewelry pieces sold today have a cubic zirconia stone inserted. With a quick look, it is often hard to distinguish the difference between the two. No matter what is inserted in, silver jewelry can look extremely fashionable.

Additional cheaper silver jewelry can be purchased at discount jewelry stores or department stores. These jewelry pieces make great accessories for children, teenagers, or young adults. Since the lower quality silver jewelry pieces can be purchased for a low price, it is often not as big as a deal if the jewelry gets lost.

One of the downsides to purchasing cheap silver jewelry is that you may be at risk for skin discoloration. This discoloration is often temporary and found under the skin near the piece of jewelry. Not all cheap jewelry pieces will cause this discoloring; however, it can be fairly common. This mostly occurs with rings, but it is not just limited to them, other jewelry pieces may cause discoloration too.

Once you own a piece of silver jewelry you will need to know how to clean it. After some time, silver jewelry may show signs of discoloration or tarnish. This is not uncommon and will occur with most silver pieces. The majority of silver jewelry pieces can be cleaned with traditional soap and water. There are some items that may need to be cleaning with a special chemical. This chemical is often referred to as a silver tarnish remover. This cleaning product, along with others can be purchased at most jewelry stores or department stores.

Silver jewelry can come in many different forms. There are many silver necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants, or earrings. Silver is one of the most popular forms of jewelry around because it can be obtained at a fairly low cost. Silver jewelry can be purchased from all stores, on and offline, that sell jewelry.