Shopping Via Wholesale Dropship

Are you interested in starting some type of home-based sales business? Do you lack start-up funds and/or warehouse space? If so, consider the possibility of working with a variety of reputable wholesale dropshippers.

A large percentage of auction sellers utilize wholesale dropshippers. This is easily achieved by, first, running a basic auction. At auction end, the winning bidder pays the seller who, in turn, pays the dropshipper. (A successful auction is one that nets the seller a profit, after remitting wholesale payment to the dropshipper.)

The dropshipper ships merchandise to the winning bidder on the sellers behalf, using the sellers information on the return label and invoice. The winning bidder has no knowledge that his/her purchase has been shipped from someone other than the seller.

Some companies recommend that auction sellers purchase a small inventory, of at least a few items, before posting actual auctions. There are times when a wholesale dropshipper may run out of a product that was just won via an auction. This causes a problem as there is, then, nothing to ship. Excessive refunds and a pattern of complaints from winning bidders who never received merchandise can cause a seller account to be closed without warning.

Wholesale dropshipping directories are offered in great numbers, on the Internet. Unfortunately, the majority of this information is outdated or was misrepresented, in the first place. It is wise to take the time to conduct your own search, when gathering information on these companies. It will be more time consuming than purchasing a directory but in the long run you will be much happier with the resources you have located yourself.

For those who don’t have the time to perform their own search, there is one directory that is worth looking into and comes highly recommended. The Drop Ship Source Directory, brought to you by Worldwide Brands, Inc. ( is a wonderful wholesale resource guide. It puts sellers in touch with over 2 MILLION different products and 4,000 brand names. Sources are updated frequently, on a regular basis.

Visit sites such as (, ( ) and ( ). Choose several categories of interest and investigate wholesale merchants who advertise there. Do they offer dropshipping? Are they true wholesale establishments? Contact a variety of companies that carry product lines, which you feel comfortable promoting. And sell, sell, SELL!

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