Handcrafted Bracelets – Something to Cherish

Handcrafted bracelets are a piece of jewelry that is something to cherish – and when I say handcrafted – I mean-strung, woven, or wired BY HAND. Sure you can be at Wal-Mart or the latest hip store that might be selling some beaded jewelry in the jewelry section – but most of that has been factory made – in a line of assembly.

A handcrafted bracelet is when an artisan personally picks out the beads and colors him/herself. And then decides on a design, stringing material, and what kind of impression this piece of jewelry should make. There really is alot that goes into the thought process.

I can tell you that I personally create all of my bracelets…. I take a whole evening, or even days to create a special piece. In my jewelry box – you can expect to see that not one design is exactly the same. I get so many compliments on my work that they ask me – where did you buy that?…. (of course the ones who know me well know that I have made it myself, and compliment me on my artwork) – but for those who don’t know me, they will just sigh in amazement that it seems almost impossible to create..

So when I say a handcrafted bracelet is something to cherish – I truly mean it. There is so much work from the heart that goes into it-thats why its so hard for a true jewelry artisan to part with his/her jewelry – It becomes a part of us.

– The next time you receive a handcrafted bracelet or any other piece of jewelry – take it as a compliment. It means that you are special to that person and they wanted to find something original and unique to give you…

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