Review of L. L. Bean’s Rolling Adventure Duffle Bag

The L. L. Bean’s Rolling Adventure Duffle Bag is high-quality, durable, and attractive. However, the bag is also large and bulky, making it hard to maneuver at times.

L. L. Bean’s duffle bag is a simply designed duffle bag. The frame is about three feet by a foot and a half and one foot deep. It has a large compartment and a small side pocket (good for small objects like scarves), both of which zip. It has a hard internal frame that forms the bottom and holds the mainframe handle. The cloth at the bottom of the large apartment also opens onto the frame, providing a good, flat space for posters and other things that need to be kept flat. The handle extends about a foot from the frame, and there are two wheels at the other end. Two handles attach above the main compartment’s zipper for carrying, as well as an extra cloth handle on the end. It comes in a variety of colors (and a variety of sizes, if desired). The handles and frame are all black, including the cloth handles on the side.

The bag is easy to use. The handle glides easily from the frame, and the wheels are sturdy and roll well. It also has quite a large capacity, easily holding more than half a dozen pairs of pants and a dozen and a half shirts with plenty of room to spare for other odds and ends.

L. L. Bean’s duffle bag is extremely durable. I traveled with one around Europe for three and half months, dragging it up stairs, throwing it off trains, shoving it in tight spaces, and rolling it over rough ground. I covered many miles with my bag. For all that, it shows very little wear and tear. It has not torn at all, the handle and wheels have not broken, and the zippers are still in good condition. The only damage it has is a few scuffmarks.

Because of its size, the extra-large duffle bag is fairly hard to maneuver. If full, it is sometimes hard to keep steady, though much easier than similar bags I have owned. The frame itself is nearly ten pounds, and if the duffle bag is full, it can be extremely heavy because of the amount it holds. Even though the handles on the side are for picking the bag up, it is hard to do if the bag is full.

I have found this bag to be very useful and durable. At a hundred dollars for the extra large bag, it’s not exactly a bargain, but it is definitely worth it for the quality. However, the size is sometimes unmanageable, so perhaps a smaller size would be more suitable for most people.

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