In Style for Spring

It’s time to shed our heavy winter coats; Spring is finally here, and the timing couldn’t have been better. Before hitting the malls in search of cool, yet fashionable clothing, there’s one dilemma we’re still facing: exactly what is in style this spring?

There are four major pieces you will want as a part of your spring wardrobe: cuffed shorts, skinny jeans, wedged heels and thick belts. These are the hot looks, and the great thing is they can be dressed up or dressed down. If you already have these items left over from winter, you’re ahead of the curve.

Cuffed shorts made their debut in the Winter of 2006, but it was just a tad bit too cold for them at that time. You can bet now that the sun is coming out, these shorts will be seen in full force. Since cuffed shorts tend to come in dressier fabrics, they can easily be worn to semi-formal events. The rule of thumb is, if you’re going to an event where it would be appropriate to wear dark jeans with heels and a dressy top, then formal shorts are appropriate as well. These shorts can be dressed up the same way jeans would; try a flowy, silky flower print top and a pair of strappy heels. For slightly more casual wear, pair thm with an extra long tank top in pastel for a fresh and flattering look. When it comes to color choices, don’t be afraid to pick up a pair of these in white, which is by far the color of the season. Currently, BeBe has one of the best selections of cuffed shorts, averaging between $79 to $89 a pair.

Ever since flared jeans came in style back in the late 90’s, it was hard to find anything other than that silhouette. That’s all changing now as skinny jeans are quickly taking over as the hottest trend in denim. Real skinny jeans are tapered at the leg and are made with spandex for a body conscious fit. High end denim labels Frankie B. and True Religion have several styles in dark washes available, both averaging about $170 per pair. Express also has a pair in a grayish wash for $59.50. These jeans look great with ballet slippers, a look which is a favorite of Lindsay Lohan, or worn in a long length over heels.

The best accessory for a pair of cuffed shorts or skinny jeans is a pair of wedge-heeled sandals. Celebrities such as Nikki and Paris Hilton have been snapped by the paparazzi wearing a pair numerous times. If you have the guts and the balance, go for a super-high wedge. Every store and designer, from Marc Jacobs to Target, is making wedged heels, so there’s definitely a pair out there that fits your taste and your budget.

The desired silhouette for this season is a very well-defined waistline, a look that can be accomplished with a wide belt, which is another trend for spring. Low slung belts are still a cute look, but the most striking look will be tops, dresses, and blazers belted at the natural waist. The thing about this trend is that you can easily update those items that are already in your closet by adding a matching belt. At the Kids Choice Awards, which aired April 1st on Nickelodeon, stars such as Jessica Alba and Jamie Spears sported this look; Alba wore a woven belt with a flower print top and Jamie threw on a bright blue belt with over a white linen dress. Trendy retailer Arden B. has several unique pieces to pull off this look, starting around $48 with some going for over $100.

The style this season has a nice touch of sophistication, while still reflecting the fun, feminine look that spring calls for. Cuffed shorts are sure to keep you cool while belts create a slim, slender waistline. Mix these trends with your own style, for a look that’s uniquely you.

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