Jewelers in the Leavenworth Kansas Area

If you live in the Leavenworth area you might wonder where the best place to take your jewelry for repairs, cleanings, and maintenance might be. Well there are several places in the city you can go, mostly small local family owned stores, but there is also a Zales. No matter what your jewelry needs might be one of these jewelers can help you. So which is the best and most cost effective?

Well first let’s look at what stores there are so you know your options and which is closest to you. You can choose between Zales, Lavery’s Jewelry, First City Pawn & Jewelry, and S & S Coins and Jewelry Exchange. All of these places have experience in jewelry, some more than others but all would be good places to check with, they probably can fit your needs.

Zales of course is the largest store, because it’s a corporate store, located at the Leavenworth Plaza. I like Zales when I buy jewelry because they have good selection and decent prices, and you can always take advantage of their sales. Also they offer some of the best plans you can purchase with your jewelry that will insure that no matter what happens, you know you can have it replaced for free, I suggest buying the plans. You might spend an extra sixty dollars but it will be worth it the first time you lose your ring and get it replaced for free. You can also bring your jewelry that you didn’t purchase at Zales in and they can clean, repair, and restore it for you.

Zales in Leavenworth is located at 3400 S. 4th St. #11, Leavenworth KS, 66048, and can be reached at (913)651-2602 or you can visit them on the web at (

First City Pawn and Jewelry is exactly what it sounds like, a pawn shop that claims Jeweler so it can get cheap jewelry off desperate people then turn around and sell it for a profit. This is a place where you can find some decent jewelry, from time to time they get a good deal, but other than that most of the time it carries 2nd rate stuff. They can repair jewelry but their prices aren’t even competitive with other jewelers in town. I would suggest that you only come here for jewelry if you need to sell some for quick cash or you want to see if they have a good deal.

First City Pawn is located at 2500 S. 4th St. Leavenworth KS, 66048, and can be reached by phone at (913)758-1717 or on the web at ( Their website is horribly written and needs a real webmaster to rebuild the entire site.

Lavery’s Jewelers is a family owned business that has been in Leavenworth for nearly five decades. Since they are family owed and operated they are very aware of who their customers are and make sure to take care of their customers. They know how important it is to keep repeat business to their store, and when they are competing with a store like Zales they have to do something special to keep people coming to them. A great little store with a good selection, not always the best prices but again they are a small family owned business they of course will be slightly higher in price. Their specialty is providing class rings to the local high schools in the area; they have some great rings at good prices.

Lavery’s is by far one of the best local jewelers with repairs, maintenance, restoration, and appraisal of your jewelry. I would take all my jewelry here for my repair and restoration needs, they do a good job and they do it in the store, they are fast and they will give you a fair deal. The highlight of this store has to be the friendly people, they make you feel like a part of their family and will make you want to do repeat business with them. I highly recommend Lavery’s to anyone with repair needs; they act as if your jewelry is theirs and are very meticulous when they do the job.

Lavery’s is in the historic downtown sector of Leavenworth located at 404 Delaware St. Leavenworth KS, 66048, and can be reached by phone at (913) 682-3182. Lavery’s does not currently have a website; if they did they might be able to generate more business.

S & S Coins and Jewelry Exchange is a small shop in the heart of downtown Leavenworth that specializes in the buying and selling of antique and rare coins and jewelry. A small shop that also does a lot of repairs and restoration of jewelry, they do a fast efficient job, but have been said to do extra repairs that weren’t asked and then expect payment. Not a great way to do business but might be a way to make a little extra cash. I would avoid this store, unless you have old coins and jewelry you are looking to get some money for, then this is the place you need to go. They will make the best offer in the city for any old antique jewelry and coins.

S & S Coins and Jewelry Exchange can be located at 311 S. 5th St. Leavenworth KS, 66048, or can be reached by phone at (913) 682-5574. They currently do not have a website.

Other jewelers can be checked out Google local, keywords Jewelers, city Leavenworth.

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