Top Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses Under $200

Less than a decade ago, the size and selection of plus size bridesmaid dresses were so limited, that it could be a major factor in whether or not a bride asked one of her friends to be in her wedding. But the anxiety, the hurt feelings, and that test of true friendship can finally be put to rest now that there are more options in buying a plus size bridesmaid dress than ever before.

And if you’re clever, you can find the perfect dress for less. Here’s a quick list of the top plus size bridesmaid dresses under $200 to help you do just that.

1. Alfred Angelo’s Style 6707. Alfred Angelo is the designer offering perhaps the widest selection in affordable plus size bridesmaid dresses on the market. Almost every one of his richly-tailored, figure-conscious gowns is available in sizes up to 28W (and can be expanded to 30W with the right tailor, due to the generous seams). But there are a few things about Style 6707 that set it apart from the others. First, the color selection cannot be beat. Name a wedding theme, and you can find an appropriate color to match using Alfred Angelo’s color wizard. Also, the Empire bodice combined with the A-line silhouette makes this plus size bridesmaid dress flattering on most figures. It’s simple and its wear-again quotient is high. It has a short-tailored sleeve for those plus size women who worry about baring their shoulders and arms. And it’s sold for less than $125. (Also check out Alfred Angelo’s closely related Style 6135, made from two different fabrics, and in the same price range.)

2. Alfred Angelo’s Style 6122. For a day-time or less formal wedding, this plus size bridesmaid dress is an unbeatable value. It’s available with a jacket for those plus size women who worry about showing off their arms, but this dress doesn’t actually need such an accessory. The wide, bra-friendly straps are well-proportioned for a plus size frame. The v-neckline will make a plus size woman look taller and focus attention on her best assets. The princess line of this plus size bridesmaid dress hugs curves in all the right places and make a woman look slimmer. And the cocktail length hem will show off those shapely legs. One warning, however. Like most Alfred Angelo gowns, you may pay more in alterations than for the actual gown itself. So when picking your plus size bridesmaid dress, try to figure tailoring into the price. Also, if you choose an Alfred Angelo style that’s sleeveless, and you feel the need to cover your arms, remember that a matching shawl or bolero will cost you more, and/or be a hassle to obtain.

3. Exquisite Evening Gown. Alfred Angelo is well-known, and popular in the wedding industry, but don’t overlook lesser known designers of plus size bridesmaid dresses like Igigi. Their Grecian-inspired ‘Exquisiite Evening Gown’ plus size bridesmaid dress is breathtaking. Its fashion-forward design is right off the red carpet, and specially designed for the plus size figure. Complete with bra-friendly sequined straps and a sparkling empire waistline, this iridescent plus size bridesmaid dress is offered in a number of colors. Beautifully lined, it even comes with a matching shawl. The fact that Igigi offers it in sizes through 30/32W will likely save you money at the tailor and help justify the $199 pricetag. The matching shawl helps manage costs too.

4. Shimmering Dress with Shawl. Even more extravagant and sexy than Igigi’s Exquisite Evening Gown, is this plus size bridesmaid dress, offered in a range of liquid metallic colors. Plus size bridesmaid dresses are usually scaled up versions of dresses designed for smaller women. In the case of this plus size bridesmaid dress, that idea gets thrown out the door. Specifically designed to hug plus size curves, narrow the waist, and hide imperfections, this plus size bridesmaid gown is pure glamour. It suits hourglass figures, apples and pears. And though, at $199, it is at the top of our price range, it may be worth every penny to encourage the designer to keep up her amazing work.

5. Renaissance Beauty Gown.
The last plus size bridesmaid gown on our list is a whimsical addition. With the increasing trend of some weddings to go Medieval Style, this budget offering from Zaftique might fit the bill. Selling from between $105-$116, this plus size bridesmaid gown is beautifully embroidered and gathered along the bust line. The three-quarter bell-sleeves add to its old-world charm. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, Zaftique adds this plus size bidesmaid gown to its increasingly appealing collection of plus size dresses and women’s clothing. It may be worth a look!

Armed with this list, a bride or potential plus size bridesmaid should be able to find a gown that suits everyone without spending more than $200. So get into those dressing rooms, ladies. The wedding approaches faster than you think!

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