Five Gift Ideas for Crafty People

Is there a crafty person in your life? Do they have a birthday or a special occasion coming up, and you’d like to get them a gift? Do you feel stumped as to what to get them? Here are some ideas for crafty-themed gifts that are sure to please, even if you only know a little about the type of craft they enjoy.

Gift card to craft store
Crafty people are always on the lookout for more crafts supplies so this is an easy “home run” type of gift. No matter the amount you choose to spend on the gift certificate, anything a crafter can put towards crafts will always be appreciated. It is helpful if you know a store the crafter goes to, if they have mentioned a little store in town they like to go to. Otherwise, consider selecting a larger crafts store that will carry a wide selection of materials such as Michael’s or A.C. Moore or Joann’s.

Subscription to craft magazine
This is a great gift for a crafty person because the gift keeps arriving for a whole year after you have given it! Crafty people are always open to learning new techniques and finding out ideas that will inspire them to create new projects. The easiest way to find a magazine for a crafter would be to “google” it. For example: if we wanted to find a knitting magazine, we would first go to Then we would type “knitting magazine” and then press enter. Google will come up with all kinds of ideas for knitting magazines for you. Simply read the descriptions of the magazines and select the one that sounds best. Are you concerned you could pick a magazine your friend or family member already has? Don’t worry! The magazine company will let your friend or family member extend their subscription by a year because of your gift. So this is a great gift.

Crafts class
You can always pay for your friend to attend a crafts class. The easiest way to do this is to buy a pretty card and to write inside of it “Your gift this year is to attend a crafts class”. If you want to put a dollar amount in the card then do so, or simply talk to your friend or family member about what you can afford to spend. Another way to do this is to call your local Continuing Education department of your local high school or college and see what crafts classes they have. See if they have anything unique, even if it is not the craft that your friend or family member does, remember that many, many crafters do more than just one type of craft. Your gift could start your friend on the path to loving a whole new craft. Just for fun you could consider registering for the class yourself and the two of you could go out to dinner & make a night of it! What a perfect gift!

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Membership in crafting association
A membership is a crafting association is a chance to connect with other crafters, people that enjoy the same craft as they do. It is also the chance to improve your technique, sometimes to compete in juried competitions. It can be a wonderful experience for a crafter to have. There are all sorts of associations for crafters to join, for just about every craft out there. Again, do a “google” search by visiting and typing in the type of craft and the word “association” and see what comes up.

You are certain to come up with some wonderful, creative and crafty gift ideas that your friend or family member will enjoy!

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