A Teacher Gift Idea for Under $10 Dollars

This year my son has had the best teacher ever. She’s attentive, she knows what’s going on with all of the children and the lines of parent-teacher communication flow beautifully. I’m so grateful to have her teaching my child that around Christmas I felt the need to show my appreciation. However, I was very short on cash having been laid off earlier in December, but alas, that did not stop me. In the Northeast, we have The Christmas Tree Shop; this place is great for bargain finds as well as odds and ends to add to a gift.

I had about $20 dollars, but was on a mission to spend less. I decided on making her a gift bag with some neat stuff and I only ended up spending $8 dollars. Here’s howâÂ?¦

I found a beautiful tea mug with butterflies, flowers and a unique butterfly shaped handle for $1.99. Next I thought, “Tea would be nice!” I browsed and found an assorted mix for $1. I made my way to the candles section and found two floral candles for $1.50 each. I figured a nice decorative bag would finish the job, but on my way over, I found a neat pen, pad, paper and envelope set in a light purple flowery motif for $1. It added a little extra to my growing bag. All items in hand, I found a pastel colored Christmas bag for .50 cents and even two adorable snowmen ornaments to tie to the outside of the bag that were 4/$1.00.

So let’s recapâÂ?¦.

Butterfly Mug $2
Tea $1
2 Candles $3
Stationary $1
Bag & Ornaments $1
Grand Total $8

I brought the heavy bag of goodies to her before class and I can’t begin to tell you how touched she was. She told me no class or class parent had ever given her a gift and the expression on her face was worth 10 times the 8 dollars I spent.

Although not every locale in America has a Christmas Tree Shop, you can find bargains at any store really. Most supermarkets will have the “Dollar Aisle”, look here for things like I’ve mentioned. Also check your local pharmacy/drug store, they always have stuff on clearance or at a lower than usual price. You don’t have to spend much to show your appreciation and the little extra bargain hunting will pay off.

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