Shop NBC: A Buyers Guide

Shop NBC is a television network solely devoted to selling products- ranging from jewelry to furniture to electronics. As an order-taker for Shop NBC, I speak with many different kinds of people, old and young, men and women. The one thing that they all have in common is that they saw something they liked and they want to make an order. I wish that I could help these people who are so trusting of the hosts on Shop NBC that they have come to know and love. I wish I could say to my customers that just because the hosts says that an item is a good buy doesn’t mean that it is. Now I am not saying that Shop NBC is doing anything wrong, they are doing what all business do: Emphasis the good and minimize the bad. I have included here a few tips to on how to protect yourself and shop smart when shopping with Shop NBC.

When buying jewelry with diamonds:

Always ask for the color and clarity of the diamonds in any jewelry that includes them. Have you noticed that the host sometimes says the quality of the diamonds and sometimes she doesn’t mention it. This is done, of course, with a purpose, and the purpose is to make you want to buy their jewelry. If they host doesn’t say what the quality is just call the order line and ask; most likely the diamonds are a low quality. This, of course, is not necessarily a bad thing but as a consumer you should always know what you are getting.

When buying earrings:

Whether you are buying studs or dangles, always ask for the length and width of the earring. On the television close ups can make earrings appear bigger than they do in real life. To avoid disappointment when those huge earrings that you saw the host wearing on the televising get there, and they are actually tiny, just ask for the dimensions. It is a good general rule to ask for the dimensions of any item that you buy. What could be worse than getting your item home only to realize that it doesn’t fit, is too big, or too small?

When buying watches:

No matter how much you really want that watch, find out what kind of a crystal the watch has. Did the host say that it was a sapphire crystal? If the host didn’t then most likely the crystal is mineral. A mineral crystal is cheaper to make and scratches much easier than a sapphire crystal. You should also find out the country it originated from for not only the movement but also the manufacturing. Even if they say the watch is ‘Swiss made’ it may be that the movement is swiss made but the watch was manufactured in japan.

When buying electronics:

Just don’t do it. Would you buy a car from the television? No of course you wouldn’t. Then why would you make a big purchase like a big screen television? Now if you must buy that computer or big screen t.v. ask lots of questions. If you are unsure go to the Shop NBC web site. Also if your are unfamiliar with computers are are considering buying one from Shop NBC don’t be fooled by the hosts fast talking. Some of the features that he is making sound so great, such as wireless internet capabilities, are common among all computers being sold on the market. If you can ask someone who knows about computers, it is also a good idea to go to either the internet for research or go to any computer store and ask questions.

While shopping from the comfort of your home is convenient you must always remember that it is your job to be an informed customer.

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