H&M’s New Clothing Collection

H&M’s new clothing collection is centered around travel and vacation; the perfect theme for summer. Clothes are light, easy to pack, and designed for comfort and usability, as well as style.

Many khaki pieces are featured: women’s shorts and button-down shirts, men’s vests, cargo pants, and button-down work shirts. To go with the khakis-casual cotton polo tees for men, mock football jerseys for boys, and tanks or tees for women.

And for those not quite so casual occasions, H&M has several practical choices. There are floral printed sundresses for girls, bright ethnic print jersey tops for women, palm tree print button-downs for boys, and plaid button-downs for men.

The colors are consistent with this seasons popular hues-coral, red, yellow/gold, blue, black, and white. Khaki goes with anything, so get a few khaki pieces for summer and mix and match brighter colors and dressier items with them.

An easy pick for a stylish ensemble that reflects the trends of this season is khaki shorts, high heels, a sheer slightly dressy top with an empire waist, a beaded bracelet, and dangly earrings. Or, skip the khaki all together and wear a pair of wide leg sailor pants and one of H&M’s Asian print shirts. However you want to mix and match or accessorize, H&M’s focus on comfort and functionality gives you lots of options.

H&M is well known for its affordable prices and couture knock-offs. In fact, Karl Lagerfeld and Stella McCartney have produced some designs for H&M in the past. This helps to bring slightly altered re-creations of runway fashions to middle class America. In fact, few items in H&M’s new line are over $30, most average between $5 and $15.

H&M is a great choice for parents looking to purchase a new season of clothing for their kids because the clothes are stylish and affordable. Who wants to buy a $50 pair of kid’s shorts that will be outgrown in a year? Pr-teens and teens entering the working world for the first time can also save a pretty penny when stocking up on office attire. Also, remember that most of H&M’s fashions don’t require dry cleaning so you’re also saving on maintenance costs.

This year, the chain boasts Madonna as the new face of H&M. The company will provide her entire off-stage wardrobe while she is on tour. and will also dress her dancers and band mates. As a promotional offer, H&M is advertising a contest to win tickets to see Madonna in concert, information is available on their website.This may or may not increase sales but it will definitely boost awareness of their new styles, paparazzi photos alone will see to that.

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