What Does Not Sell Easily on Ebay and Why

Ebay has become the latest forum for consumers in our fast paced internet driven society. Product seekers can easily search Ebay for anything under the sun, new or used. Sports equipment, jewelry, handbags, furniture or toys – they can all be found with a simple search on Ebay.

Similarly, individuals looking to make some money can easily post items for sale on Ebay. The list of Ebay items to sell is as long as the buyers list. If someone is willing to sell it on Ebay, someone else is probably willing to buy it.

Most items, like the ones listed above, sell easily on Ebay. Sellers post pictures and a bottom price and watch the bids pour in. Buyers search frantically for a better deal on a similar product. The seller with the best and least expensive product and the buyer with the highest bid are the winners! It’s almost like a game. It is definitely a competition.

Some products fall short in the Ebay competition and do not sell at all. Some products are not meant to sell on Ebay, or at least, they do not sell easily.

Consider a recent sale posted by a popular celebrity. Celebrities should be able to sell easily on Ebay, right? He was trying to sell his kidney stone, or some similar bodily expression. While the item did sell, and in the process made a lot of money for a charity, parts of human beings do not sell easily on Ebay. Most transactions of organs and such are best left to doctors and hospitals and not the regular Joe. Do not follow in celebrity footsteps in this case.

Another celebrity had a difficult time selling a performance costume on Ebay due to the nature of the clothing. Most considered her outfit to be lingerie and not an outfit meant for the average buyer. Given the clothing was worn by the celebrity and not brand new, this made the item a used piece of lingerie. Why anyone would sell their used underwear at all, let alone on Ebay, is a mystery. Luckily for this individual, anything belonging to a celebrity will sell. However, selling one’s own used underwear on Ebay will not likely be done easily.

Ebay is a great place to purchase furniture. Someone looking for a brand new couch, for example, can easily find dozens if not hundreds of items that easily fit the bill. Not a problem. Used furniture also sells rather easily, if the item is again, something like a couch or table or dining set. Furniture that does not sell easily is used baby furniture. Products such as baby cribs, infant bassinets, swings, etc. must all meet safety standards. Thankfully those who deem the standards to be outdated or unsafe update them frequently. While this is great news for parents and children, it does not help a potential seller to sell a used crib very easily. Baby furniture that still meets safety standards may have an easier time selling. (A good tip would be to make sure your item meets current standards and advertise it as such in the posting. If it does not, consider donating the item instead.) Buyers beware as well. Items not meeting safety standards can easily be found on Ebay, though not identified as such!

While used items are popular and sell rather easily on Ebay, the condition of the item has to be taken into consideration. With so many businesses easily offering Ebay stores and new items for cheaper prices, used items in questionable condition do not sell easily on Ebay. Ebay buyers are looking for a quick purchase with little or no thought involved. If the item is new and the price is good, the bid goes in and the item sells easily. When a potential seller posts an item that is in poor condition or needs TLC from the would-be buyer, searchers will more likely than not pass the item over in search of something newer and in better condition.

Ebay is a great place to buy and sell items in our internet world. Knowing what sells can help ensure a successful venture on the website. Not knowing can prove hazardous for a hopeful seller.

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