NFL Training Camp: Hassle Free Fun

When it comes to training camp, I have one single piece of advice for you. Put something colorful on your antenna, and remember where you parked. Trust me, if there is one thing that can ruin your day, walking through a crowded parking lot under the hot summer sun is it. Forget the autographs and “The players are so close to us”, when you’re sweating, can’t find the car, you’ll be cursing the team you’ve come to know and love for being so damn popular (Be aware, Cardinal’s fans don’t need to worry about losing their car)

Also, if you’re autograph hungry, be sure to bring a bright colored marker or pen and a large pad of paper, not only so they have a large piece of paper to write on, but, when signing autographs, a player will be eternally grateful for having a hard surface to write on.

Before leaving for training camp, you want to make sure you have several key items. First and foremost is A LOT of water. It’s going to be hot, and if you don’t bring your own water, the staff there is going to charge you an upwards of four dollars for Earth’s most abundance resource. Second, as previously mentioned, pens and paper. Also, if there is anything odd you want signed, be it a football of jersey, bring those too. However, if you do want a jersey signed, don’t wear it to training camp, trust me, Tom Brady does not want to see you take off your shirt, no matter how sexy you think you are. Also be sure to wear light clothes, and bring sunglasses and hats if you want to minimize the amount of sun strain. Some people prefer to bring Binoculars, however I have found that they are really just a heavy hassle, and the players are so close anyway, it doesn’t matter. Lastly, make sure that everyone who is coming with you, wants to come with you. Do not, do not, do not, bring children with you who would rather be at home watching Yui Gi Oh it is a very good way to ruin your day. No Hassles. So once you have everything you need: Pens, Paper, Water, Hats, Misc Signables, and People who want to come with you, you’re ready to go.

When the average day at training camp starts, it’s generally late morning early afternoon. I recommend getting there as early as possible as to not have to park three miles away. This is supposed to be fun, so, remember, minimize hassle. After arriving at the stadium, I’d recommend trying to either a) Find a place on the ground with shade, or b) take the bleachers. The bleachers generally provide the best vantage point to see your favorite players, and generally have the most chatty fans. Also, don’t worry if your seat is far away from your favorite players, in most cases, the teams will rotate around the field, allowing for a clear vantage point from all areas. Be sure to cheer when players make good plays, because, after all, football players have feelings too.

After the last ball is thrown, and the final autograph signed, it comes time to leave. Along with every other person there. This is where avoiding stress is key. Thousands of people all want to leave and they all want to leave now. I’d actually recommend waiting around for 10 minutes, maybe check out some of the booths. Afterwards, make your way to you car (Remember the colorful items you placed on your antenna?) Then just wait it out. Be paitent, don’t get angry is someone cuts you off, just crank up the AC, turn on some easy listening, and be calm.

Ultimately, when it comes down to it, as long as you A) Eliminate Hassle B) Are Prepared and C) Go with the flow, your training camp expierence should be one of fun, football, and no frenzy.

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