Funny Gifts for Adults

When it comes to funny, creative gifts my sister takes the cake.

For the rest of us gift-challenged when picking out adult presents, there are these:

At you can send a Monkey Business Singing Telegram by calling 310-823-2027 for deliveries anywhere in the U.S. and international. You can have them delivered by phone or in person in song or poem. They have the lowest prices anywhere and the acts are great, they say. You can send telegrams for birthdays, anniversaries, love, or to let a prospective employer know you’re the one for the job after an interview. You can also send a greeting card through the company to apologize, cheer up, or send a get well song. You can sympathize, make a date, be a secret admirer, send a thank you, flatter you boyfriend, girlfriend, or friend; etc. Grams are $15.00 and Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

Did you ever try to convince someone you were in one place when you were really some place else? Try which has alibi and excuse recordings on a CD to use when you’re running later; etc. Featured once on the Howard Stern Show, the sounds are authentic from road construction to mechanics to honking horns in traffic. Twenty-five different sounds will make your story believable. Each soundtrack is approximately three minutes in length. From the airport to the train depot you can listen to a two-second sample of each one on the website (each sound effect sample is two seconds long). You can also buy the CD from

For a funny take on celebrities go to where you can listen to various made-up videos by clicking on the Idiot Box link to the left of the webpage. The hysterical prank calls like the voice of Sergeant Hartman from “Full Metal Jacket” calling a Wal-Mart and harassing the clerk, then the manager. You can also buy gear from the Camp Chaos store on its website like DVDs and CDs.

Comedian Jim Florentine whose website is has appeared at numerous comedy clubs around the country and most recently in Dallas, TX. His characters are also featured on “Crank Yankers,” the hilarious cable show which also boasts the likes of comedians Sara Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel among others. Florentine is famous too for his “Terrorizing Telemarketers” segments where he turns the tables on sales calls. An Emmy winner Florentine just loves messing with people and also uses hidden cameras for funny videos in some of his acts.

At, the wacky news site which pokes fun at current events, you can shop at the online store for all your comic needs like magnetic headline kits, funny t-shirts, and comical calendars. Other items include books, stickers, mugs, Steins, and recordings.

Are you a movie buff? At you can check out all the screw-ups from the movies featuring trailers, pictures, recordings, and mishaps all preserved for posterity. The site is based on what happens when movies mess up a plot or mistakenly leave or take out something that doesn’t jive with the storyline. Obvious things like having a Renaissance character carrying a cell phone are also highlighted. You can buy things like DVD Easter eggs or the newest book of Movie Mistakes. Like in “Hot Shots” when Charlie Sheen’s character’s girlfriend is supposedly swinging on tree limbs – only you can see the actual gymnastics pole she’s vaulting from.

Is there a radio fanatic in your life? Go to featuring Dallas deejay Russ Martin to buy funny videos, CDs, DVDs with all proceeds from sales benefiting The Russ Martin Listeners Foundation. The full 13 tracks from the “Best of Russ Martin” CD features such belly-laughing gags such as fake 911 calls and other skits. You can also buy drinking gear, posters, stickers, and hats on the site. The Russ Martin Show airs Monday through Friday from 3-7 p.m. Central Standard Time on 105.3 FM Radio in Dallas.

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