Vintage Hairstyles and You: Classic Hollywood Glamour Meets Modern Sensibilities

Vintage hairstyles can be the perfect touch for Halloween costumes, can give you a classic look for a formal event like a prom or a wedding, or can help make even the shyest wallflower the center of attention at a casual party. One of the goals of every fashionista in the world today is to create a unique and individual look, and pairing vintage hairstyles with some of your favorite outfits can help you create a special blend of classic and modern beauty that is all your own. Vintage hairstyles are not difficult to re-create, and they can give your look the grace and elegance of the golden age of Hollywood. Whether you are looking for a touch of authenticity for a costume, a stylish fashion detail that can make a special event feel even more festive, or just a way to stand out from the pack, consider trying out a few vintage hairstyles.

One of the easiest vintage hairstyles to create is a series of soft, angled curls that frame your face. This is ideal for women with short hair, and was most famously favored by Marilyn Monroe. The process of setting your hair and brushing it out is not difficult to master, and it can help you create this sexy and glamorous look that is one of the most popular of the many vintage hairstyles. You don’t need any special or expensive equipment to create most vintage hairstyles, just hairspray, mousse, and some foam rollers of different sizes, all of which you can find in a local drugstore. Then, you need an afternoon free so that you can spend some time experimenting with the rollers to give your hair the springy curl and body that you want. When you are done you will have one of the most enduringly beloved vintage hairstyles in history.

Consider having a friend come over so that you can spend the afternoon learning to make this style; setting somebody else’s hair is easier than setting your own, especially for a beginner who is not well versed in creating vintage hairstyles. Once you and your friend are ready to start setting your hair to create Marilyn Monroe’s famously tousled locks, begin by deciding where your part should be. A side part at a slight angle is a great choice for a beginner, as it is one of the easiest sets to do. Work some mousse through your hair when it is wet, then part your hair with a comb. Wrap small sections of hair around foam rollers following the line of the part-try using smaller rollers close to your part and larger rollers farther down your head. When your hair has dried, unwrap it from the rollers. You can brush it out for a more polished look, or you can just style the curls with your fingers and hold them in place with a few bobby pins. When you have the look you want, give your hair a light misting of hairspray to keep everything in place. Congratulations, you have just created what will probably be the first of many vintage hairstyles!

Many vintage hairstyles are just variations on this basic look. To get a completely different classic look, try setting your hair with larger rollers close to your part and smaller ones farther down your head, which will transform your classic Monroe curls into a 1960s bouffant. Experiment with a cluster of small, tight ringlets high on the crown of the head for a classic 1940s silhouette. Once you begin to get the hang of creating vintage hairstyles, you are likely to find yourself pouring over pictures of women from the middle of the century for new ideas to add to your repertoire. If you are entering the exciting world of vintage hairstyles, just make sure that you are prepared for the fact that all of your friends will want you to do their hair!

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