Wear Different Flip-Flops Everyday Without Buying Dozens

Since the invention of velcro life has become much easier. Since the invention of sticky velcro clothing, crafts and other projects are a breeze. Purchase the sticky velcro at any craft department, along with a few notions, and you’ll have dozens of ways to decorate one pair of flip-flops.

Velcro is sold in styles like dots, small squares, strips or large pads. For flip-flops the dots and strips are perfect. Purchase velcro dots in sizes somewhat smaller than a dime. This is the perfect size to attach to the section of the flip-flop where both straps meet, above the first and second toe.

With velcro, many things will simply stick right to it, like felt, wool, and some other fabrics. Purchase fabric that has a cute design, like flowers or butterflies, then cut those images and stick them directly to the flip-flop velcro dot. If the fabric doesn’t stick simply place a small velcro dot on the back of the fabric and then attach. Fabrics that stick easily to velcro include flannel, corduroy, fleece, and many cottons. Cut these types of fabric into a strip, tie into a bow, then attach them to the velcro.

There are all kinds of things that you can purchase to attach to the flip-flops by way of a velcro dot, like tiny stuffed animals. The novelty animals can be found at craft stores, toy stores – even pet stores. The toys usually have a fuzzy body that grabs the velcro immediately. They will stay put all day and give a whimsical look to your flip-flops.

Attach all sorts of other items by placing a velcro dot on the back. Use faux jewels, kids hair bows, bitty picture frames, or other novelties. Strolling around a large craft store will give you all sorts of ideas, especially when browsing their miniatures. Find novelties like Oreo cookies, checkers, fake coins, flat brass shapes, foil designs, and many other useable items.

Stick-on jewels are very inexpensive and can liven up flip-flops quickly. Place them, spaced evenly, around the perimeter of the side of the flip-flop, or along the straps. The jewels come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Other stickers work well, too, as long as you don’t step in water. Use the stickers to decorate around the perimeter, or buy a giant sticker to put on the inside bottom.

Small chains are a really unique way to jazz up your flip-flops. You’ll need two alike – one for each flip-flop. Hook a bracelet from one strap to the other, close to where the two straps adjoin. Use a longer chain to make that design twice. A long chain can also be used to wrap around the ankle, then to the adjoining area of the straps. This gives a look of an ankle bracelet that’s connected to the top of the flip-flop.

Use the velcro that comes in long strips to decorate the straps of your flip-flops. Cut a narrow strip and stick it to the straps, then decorate with fabric, faux jewels, or even a pocket! Place velcro on the backside of the pocket, and velcro on the straps, then attach the pocket to the top-foot part.

Another way to decorate the straps is to wrap yarn, leather strips, or even gold cord around and around the straps until covered. This is a little more time-consuming than some of the other decorating techniques but is a beautiful and unique look every time.

You’ll have fun decorating your flip-flops and you’ll never again have to wear the same pair twice. Plus, the money you save on buying dozens of pairs of flip-flops can go towards beach admission.

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