Make a Mesh Laundry Bag to Protect Your Delicates

Mesh laundry bags are quite simple to make, and when you give the laundry bag compartments, it allows you to wash several delicate pieces at one time, without getting them entangled. Prevent bra hooks from tearing other clothing, and other unwanted laundry troubles by making the mesh bags to hold all your delicate wear.

The bags can be made in almost any size and shape. One easy way to make them is to purchase the mesh then use a cereal bowl to cut circles. The mesh can be found at most stores that sell fabric. Sometimes the mesh is made with very large holes, sometimes with small holes. You’ll want to choose the type that has somewhat small holes.

Cut 5 circles of mesh to begin. Now cut strips of mesh that are as long as the circumference of the circle, plus one inch, and 5″ wide. Cut four of the strips. You’ll also need seam binding tape for this project. The seam binding tape can be the same color as the mesh or plain white.

Stitch the two ends of the strips together and set aside momentarily. Stitch the seam binding tape around the circle, then stitch the strip to the seam binding tape. Now stitch another piece of seam binding tape to the top edge, then another circle. Continue adding strip, seam binding tape, circle, strip, and seam binding tape until all sections of the bag are together. The bag will be somewhat long and will have four compartments. All of the seams, where you stitched the ends of the strips together, should be aligned on one side of the bag.

Cut from just in front of the seam binding tape, straight across, and stop just before reaching the end seam binding tape piece. When you do this, make sure you cut the seams out from where you stitched the end pieces of the strips together. Stitch seam binding tape around the long slit that you’ve just created. Now install zipper, in between the two pieces of seam binding tape to form the top of the zipper bag.

Unzip the bag and place one or more items in each section. Toss in the washer and wash on a normal or gentle cycle. Do not throw laundry bag into the dryer. Drip-dry clothing from the bag or remove them from the bag before putting them in the dryer on a low setting.

You’ll love the handy new laundry bag that can be made just about any size and will eliminate the need for hand-washing many items. Each compartment can hold one teddy or small nightie, several pair of panty hose, or a few pair of panties. The bags are great for washing other items with long ties, such as aprons.

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