How to Make a Denim Purse from Old Jeans

It’s a well-known fact that blue jeans can take some serious abuse. It’s not unusual for a good pair of denims to be worn many years from the date of purchase – holes and all. Even after the jeans become ripped and worn, they can still be cut off to make some great shorts. When the shorts become frayed and worn, don’t throw them away, though, make a cute denim purse instead.

Denim purses can be made in so many different ways that no two end up being exactly alike. Because of the fading of the denim, the style of the jeans, and the accessories you add, your purse will be one-of-a-kind, no matter how you make it.

Start by laying a pair of blue jeans on the table. Make sure the zipper is up and there are no wrinkles in the denim. Cut across the jeans, just below the back pockets, staying under the zipper, and making sure to cut the crotch seam completely out. You don’t have to cut straight across; you can cut the purse rounded at the bottom.

Turn the jeans inside-out and stitch across the bottom. Take the time to make a double stitch seam, as was previously in the crotch seam, or just sew across it and back-tack. If you don’t have a machine you can also use fabric glue to hold the seam together. Denim is very thick so use an abundant amount of the clear-drying glue. Read the label to make sure the glue is washable.

A scarf makes the perfect handle for your denim purse. Glue or sew one end of the scarf to the inside edge of the back side of the purse. Measure up a few inches from the unattached end of the scarf and attach that area to the top edge of the front side of the purse. By doing this, you not only create the handle for the purse but you also leave a piece that hangs down and adds flair to the purse.

There are all sorts of ways to decorate a denim purse. Instead of a scarf, use decorative roping to make the handle, or use something like a child’s belt to make the handle. Tuck a folded scarf into the pocket of the denim purse for a burst of color. Tack on chains, use fabric paints, attach faux jewels or rhinestones, or just cut tiny squares of fabric to glue or stitch all over the purse. Add a piece of velcro to the top edges if you want a way to close the bag.

Denim purses are very easy to make and can add pizzazz to many different outfits, depending upon how you decorate it. You can also make these purses out of other pants or shorts – they don’t have to be denim. This gives you lots of options for making colored purses to match outfits that may not go well with denim. The purses are so easy to make that you’ll want to make a large assortment for any occasion.

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