15 Camping Gifts for Dad

Does your dad enjoy the outdoors so much that he loves to go camping? Here are a few Father’s Day gifts that you can buy for the dad who loves to camp:

1. A new, roomier tent. Make sure there’s enough room for dad to keep the coolers of food and etc.., because if you leave the food out at night the raccoons will steal it. But an even better idea is to place the food and other items inside the vehicle overnight. Raccoons will burrow under a tent if they smell the food, and you can bet their noses are pretty darn good; raccoons are pretty smart animals. While I’m on the subject of raccoons, another good piece of adviceâÂ?¦ Don’t think the fish in or on strainers is safe in the water either. My brother-in-law found out that raccoons will steal the fish out of the water too, and they will take them no matter how far out you can throw the strainer. Like I said, raccoons are pretty smart critters.

2. An air mattress will help dad get a better nights sleep. I’m going to invest in one myself, because it seems no matter where I choose to lie down I always end up sleeping on a rock before the next morning.

3. This may sound weird, and you may not consider it a great gift, but dad may really think you for it later. What am I talking about? I’m talking about a portable toilet, and don’t forget to add a pack of Charmin to go with the gift.

4. A good Coleman lantern will assist dad at night. Don’t get one of those cheap battery operated lanterns, because they don’t really put out a lot of light; the one my cousin has don’t anyway. Choose a good Coleman lantern that runs on Coleman fuel instead.

5. Last year my husband and I bought a Reliance Aqua Tainer from our local Wal-Mart store. It’s like a big water jug. The one my husband and I bought is blue and it holds 7 gallons of water. What makes it really convenient is it has a spout on the end that works like a water faucet, and you can turn the spout on and off. My husband and I absolutely love it! If you can find one or even two of these your dad will love it too! We use it for getting a drink, washing our hands and even for washing the dishes and utensils. Eventually, if you use it a lot, you will have to fill it up again, but it does last quite a while and has many uses.

6. Dad can keep his tent cool and illuminated with a Coleman Zephyr Hanging LED Tent Light and Fan. On high the fan will last approximately 24 hours and approximately 48 hours on low.

7. Those hard picnic tables can be harsh on your rear, so dad may appreciate a nice comfortable folding chair. The folding arm chairs are comfortable, and some of them even come with little footstools attached. Loungers also make for comfortable seating.

8. If dad isn’t big on cooking over a camp fire consider buying him a good Coleman 2-burner stove. Personally, I enjoy cooking hot dogs and roasting marshmallows over the fire myself. After all, the fun of camping is leaving all the luxuries of home behind. Well, some of the luxuries anyway; I still would rather have an air mattress, however, an air mattress doesn’t beat a good old bed.

9. Dad may also enjoy dining with a 25-piece Coleman Enamelware Set with Stainless Steel Flatware.

10. Outdoor kitchen tool set.

11. Every dad could use a survival kit with the basic emergency supplies.

12. LED Headlamp. This is great for night fishing too.

13. About four Bamboo Torches. They say these torches really do keep the bugs and mosquitoes away at night.

14. Pack-a-way table for dining.

15. Cooler on wheels for keeping food and drinks cold.

Any of the items above are sure to keep dad happy on his next camping trip. If you would like to make the gift even better for dad then join him on his next camping trip, who knows, he may even let you try out the new gear too.

If your dad doesn’t camp much I’ve written a few other articles with gift ideas for dads who love to golf, dads who love to fish, dads who love to write and others. Just click on my name to view all my articles.

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