Product Review: Harbinger Classic WristWrap Men’s Weightlifting Glove

Harbinger Classic WristWrap men’s weightlifting gloves are basic but effective workout accessories. They are relatively thin, fairly inexpensive alternatives to more extravagant gloves with wrist wraps.

The gloves contain panels of cloth and leather, and feature a wrist wrap sealed by Velcro as well as short finger length. The short fingers allow a weightlifter to feel less hindered by the glove because more of his skin is exposed. The wrist wrap, which is composed of leather, can be easily adjusted by its Velcro fastenings. All components of the product have a high quality, durable feel, although they are thin enough (approximately 1/8 inch) to allow for one to feel the general texture of the weights in his hand.

The WristWrap Classic gloves do not have any vents or breathable mesh like many other gloves on the market. They completely cover an area of the hand beginning slightly below the second knuckle on all five fingers and ending below the wrist. Consequently, they are hot in comparison to other better ventilated gloves. They will often make a wearer’s hand sweat, particularly if he is not accustomed to wearing such apparel.

This lack of ventilation makes the product extremely durable. The palms, areas of high wear, are reinforced by a second layer of leather. This helps to prevent the formation of holes, although like all gloves, the WristWrap Classics will eventually wear out if used heavily.

I used the gloves heavily five times a week, and needed a new pair after approximately fourteen months. My previous gloves have gotten holes after just eight months, though, so the WristWrap Classics can be considered to be highly durable.

The adjustable wrist wrap provides a good amount of support and can be adjusted very easily in a few seconds. Lifters that prefer a wrap to keep their wrists in the proper position while lifting will be pleased at the wide range of pressure that the gloves can exert. It allows one to find an optimal level of comfort while still receiving the support he needs. The Velcro adjustment is simple and can be repeated as many times as needed to ensure the proper pressure is present. They also retain their pressure through many lifts. I have never experienced the wrap falling open without my opening it, and rarely have to adjust them because they have slipped.

Unfortunately, the Harbinger WristWraps are more difficult to remove than other weightlifting gloves. The added length of the wrist wrap provides better support and helps the entire glove to fit more snugly, but it is cumbersome when it comes time to take the glove off. This is true of most gloves with wrist wraps. If ease of removal is important to you, I would recommend avoiding gloves with included wrist wraps.

The Classic WristWrap gloves are priced around twenty dollars, and are available in XS-XXL sizes. They are much less expensive than most other gloves with wrist wraps from other companies, and are the cheapest WristWrap gloves from Harbinger.

Other offerings, such as Harbinger’s own Big Grip WristWrap glove, feature more rubber and leather cushioning and a curved finger design. I personally feel hindered by the balkiness of these more elaborate and expensive gloves. For weightlifters that prefer a minimal barrier between their hands and the weights, the Classic WristWrap gloves are a great choice from a trusted name in weightlifting.

Overall, I rate the Harbinger WristWrap Classic men’s weightlifting gloves four on a five point scale. Ventilation and removal issues are easily overcome by a simple, effective, and economic design that will please most weightlifters looking for a wrist wrap glove.

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