Save Time Cleaning by Cleaning Daily

Many people spend the better part of their week extremely busy. They come home from work or school to the place a mess. Instead of doing anything about it, they do a few needed tasks, and head off to relax or to bed. Once the weekend hits, their entire break is spent cleaning. There are ways to free up your weekend.

Instead of waiting until Saturday to do all your cleaning, make cleaning a daily task. Spending a few minutes a day cleaning will cut down on what you have to do on Saturday afternoon.

Take out the trash on your way to work or school. When you come home from work, make sure a new trash bag is placed in the trash can and spend a few minutes organizing the day’s mail. Throw away all the junk mail instead of letting it clutter up the table. Filing important papers daily will ensure they are in their correct places and finding them later won’t be such a problem.

Before you begin cleaning, gather all your cleaning supplies and have them in one designated spot. This ensures you won’t have to go from place to place searching for your supplies as you get to each spot. Carry them with you as you go from room to room.

Don’t forget to get everyone involved. Have the kids spend 10 minutes a day cleaning up. Have them clean their rooms, putting away clothing on the floor and toys they haven’t used in awhile. Once they have completed that task, have them help you clear the dinner table or wash some dishes. Any task you can think of would be great work for the kids. If they complete their task, reward them, don’t let their help go unnoticed.

Survey each room of the house and decide what needs the most work. Decide where you will start and work on that until completion. Don’t feel like you need to do it all at once however. Throwing away some clutter and removing a few dishes from a room will make the place look so much better in only a few minutes time.

Don’t forget to clean while you cook. While making a meal, clean up the ingredients you used and place them in their original spots. If you used any measuring utensils, wash or wipe them out and put them where they belong. If you have a few dishes sitting in the sink, go ahead and was those as well. Wipe up any crumbs or spills as well. This will allow you to enjoy dinner time with the family without having to worry about what you need to clean up next.

To help cut down on bathroom cleaning time, every few days, after taking a shower, wipe down the walls and rinse out the tub. Before bed, clean the toilet and wipe down the sink. Don’t just walk by the hamper and let a few clothing items lay on the floor, pick them up. Instead of having to worry about doing all the laundry during the weekend, throw a load in before you go to work and have some place them in the dryer when they get home. This can be continued as often as need be which will cut down on what you need to worry about come Sunday evening before the Monday madness begins.

When Saturday does show up, save the larger cleaning activities that seriously needs to be done for last. Vacuum each room in turn, or mop the floors as need be. If laundry needs to be finished, make sure those are in the washer while other tasks are being completed. No need to be waiting around for laundry while you can be completing other tasks!

Remember; don’t wait until the last minute! 10 or 15 minutes cleaning a day can ensure much more time for you to enjoy your weekend!

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