Wedding MakeUp Tips

So you’re big day is on it’s way. Even if you’ve found the perfect dress, picked out all the flower arrangements and decided on the perfect hair styles, the makeup may allude you. Exactly what kind of makeup is appropriate for a wedding? The following makeup tips will help you decide the perfect look for your wedding.

First and foremost, bridal makeup should be light, fresh and clean. A wedding isn’t the occasion to be overly sexy or wear bold colors; classic beauty best suit’s the nature of the event. It is also a nice touch if your cosmetics mirror the colors being used in the ceremony. A rosy lip and cheek, with a clean eye is the best template for this event. There are three blushes from Benefit Cosmetics that would be perfect for a wedding; Georgia, a peach hue inspired by the fruit itself, Dandelion, a light pink shade, and Dallas, a shimmery pinkish-brown hue. The best part about Benefit’s blush line is that their color palette has all skin tones covered; the first two colors are great for lighter skin tones, and the last one is perfect for those with deep skin. Add a bronze or shimmering white powder to the top of the cheekbones for an extra special touch. I highly recommend starting with a blush when preparing your wedding day color palette, and from there choosing complimenting shades in the rest of your cosmetics.

On some occasions, a bright red lip can work for a wedding, especially if the ceremony has an emphasis on red roses or the bride has chosen a rather glamorous gown. For this, stick with a matte lipstick such as Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella or Forbidden Red. Leave the gloss behind. For ceremony’s that take place in the spring, light shades of pink work the best. Stila has a few solutions for this. Their Twinset in Demi Tulip is a light mauve, and it comes with a cream matte color, and a gloss on the other side, which can be a pretty and fun addition for a bridal look. Their lip polish in Garnish is the perfect color for pink lovers, and Lacquer would make a nice mate for the Georgia blush, mentioned earlier. And if you’re lucky enough to be having a destination wedding on the beach, keep things as simple as possible with a nude lip and bronzer applied to the face.

It may be tempting to overdo they eyes, but it’s crucial to keep them simple. In almost all cases, heavy eyes shadow is a huge no-no for wedding makeup. However, a sparring amount of eye liner can be added to define the eyes. I would recommend using a powder liner, instead of a liquid or pencil, because it gives the eye a softer and slightly more natural look. Even though your eye makeup is toned down, don’t shy away from false eyelashes. Adding at least few lashes to the outer edge of your eyes will make them look larger, and big eyes never fail to be pretty. Lastly, don’t forget about the eyebrows; they not only effect your eyes, but they frame your face as a whole. Try a brow stencil set, an ingenious solution provided by cosmetic company Paula Dorf. The stencil and brow powder will create the perfect shape for your brows, and you simply pluck around this, which is a whole lot better (and safer) than guessing.

The key to great wedding makeup is to simply enhance your natural beauty, and present a flawless complexion. Sticking to light shades of pink and peach will always do the trick. These colors will light up your face and show everyone the beautiful bride that you are.

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