Homemade Iron-On Tee Shirts

Do you wear tee shirts? I do, especially homemade iron-on tee shirts. If it weren’t for tee shirts, I would have to run around half-naked all of the time. Oversized cotton tee shirts help keep me cool and comfortable in the summer months, while form-fitting tee shirts keep me warm in the wintertime.

Of course, I’m not the only person in the world who loves to wear tee shirts. They are a popular fashion item today. Especially tee shirts that sport some kind of iron-on message or picture. They’re popular because they’re comfortable, easy to care for, and they can make a statement to tell the world exactly how you feel.

Plain tee shirts are inexpensive to buy. But tee shirts that have iron-ons decorating them are usually rather costly. I’ve seen tee shirts like this selling for twenty bucks on up! I couldn’t afford to fill my drawers and closets up with fashion items like these, if I didn’t make homemade iron-on tee shirts.

They are not hard to make, and they are pretty cheap when it comes to cost. Around this area you can buy plain white or colored tee shirts for about two bucks a piece. (Check your local dollar stores for inexpensive tee shirts like these.) Besides a tee shirt, you’ll also need a design, a sheet of transfer paper, a printer, and a household iron. You can buy a package of transfer paper at your local craft store or computer supply store.

The first step to make a homemade iron-on tee shirt, is to use the design you’ve chosen. Remember that, whatever type of design or wording you choose to use will need to be reversed. Then, use the printer to make a copy of your design on a plain sheet of paper. Check to make sure the colors, design, and wording look like what you want. If it doesn’t look quite right to you, then make the necessary adjustments.

The second step in this project is to print your design onto a sheet of the transfer paper. Read and follow the instructions on the transfer paper in order to achieve the best results. Basically, though, you’ll need to place the tee shirt on a hard surface. Then, turn the transfer paper over and position your design on the tee shirt. Use the hottest setting your household iron has, but skip the steam!

And finally, to finish your homemade iron-on tee shirt, apply the iron straight down on the design. Move the iron in a slow, circular motion all the way across the design. Pay special attention to the edges as you don’t want them to peel up after the design cools down. Continue to iron-on your design for the time the instructions tell you to.

After the transfer paper has completely cooled down, carefully peel it away from your tee shirt.

When you wash your homemade iron-on tee shirt, be sure to turn it inside-out first. This practice will help protect your design from getting scraped and scratched when it’s in the washing machine and in the dryer.

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