Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein: Why Are They so Successful?

Tommy Hilfiger

1. Why is he so successful?

The reason that Tommy Hilfiger is so successful is because his style represents the all-American boy. He turned the mens tailored clothing design business into an urban fashion legend. He started with a small store in upstate New York before eventually creating his own line of clothing. Hilfiger remains the principal creative designer, and in 2001 was the highest-paid fashion executive in the United States, making in excess of $26 million.

2. What makes him know as a marketing genius?

Tommy Hilfiger is a marketing genius because he used all the resources he could to make his clothing popular and available to everyone in the world. He used creative advertisement, along with nicely put together fashion shows to capture his style. By making clothing for every size and shape, Hilfiger has become a dominant marketing genius.

3. How did he win the world market?

Tommy Hilfiger won the world market through his stylish, yet sporty clothing for men, women, and children. After the world fell in love with his unique but classic look, he then capitalized on different styles and made his clothing original and different than everyone else.

Calvin Klein

1. Why is he so successful?

The reason that Calvin Klein is so successful is because he is known for ads that push the limits of acceptability and for turning jeans into an affordable designer item. He was born in New York, attended the Fashion Institite of Technology, and wanted to design clothes for most of his life. He launched his jeans line in 1980 with a TV campaign featuring Brooke Shields. Klein is thought to be a marketing genius and the master of “minimalistic chic”.

2. What makes him known as a marketing genius?

Calvin Klein is known for his jeans and his underwear. His ads that show off the male physique through the boxer and underwear line has made the biggest profits. He is a genius because he started early and did something that no one else capatilized on. By doing this he has become one of the smartest designers in the world.

3. How did he win the world market?

Calvin Klein won the world market when in the late 1990s the company opened elegant Calvin Klein Collection stores in Paris, Seoul, and Taipei and ultra-fancy cK Calvin Klein stores in Hong Kong, Milan and Kuwait City. As of today, there are Calvin. Klein Collection stores operated by CKI in New York and Paris. The Calvin Klein stores in Milan, Moscow, Barcelona, Rome, Dubai (two locations), Seoul, Singapore and Taipei are maintained by partners.

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