SSX on Tour

EA returns to the snowy mountain once again in the latest edition of SSX. As usual you get a array of snow boards and lots of tricks to work your way up to the top of the charts. What’s different about this edition of SSX is the total immersion of music and snowboarding. This time you get to do your tricks to a more hip-hop and rock themed soundtrack.

The Game
Nothing to much has changed with SSX. It’s pretty much an upgraded version of the last game but with better art work and a lot more tricks. It’s really hot to do a handstand while railing. On Tour offers new, highly detailed tracks, monster tricks, and multiplayer options, as well as plenty of player customization. Finally I can thug my character out on the slops and show them how a homie from the Bronx can do it on the slopes. One of the first noticeable differences is that you can either pic a snow board or snow skis to race on. This will give you a different set of tricks depends on your player. This adds a new level of game play to the long standing SSX tradition.

The Music
SSX On Tour delivers another amazing soundtrack which features songs by artists like Louis XIV, DJ Z Trip, Iron Maiden and the Perceptionists, Paul Wall and more. This has to be one of the best in game soundtracks for any video game. The music adds to the level of speed and excitement when playing. We loved hitting the slopes and listening to Paul Walls “Sittin Sideways.”

The Graphics
EA doesn’t hold back on details in the latest edition of SSX. Each level is breathtaking and makes you wonder how much more powerful will the PS3 be when the PS2 can pump out stunning graphics like there. What’s most fun is the hand drawn cartoon-ish like interface that the game is navigated through. It reminds you of the old Ren and Stimpy cartoon.

If your a fan of SSX then you will love this latest edition. And of your a GameCube owner you’ll be happy to know that Mario, Princess Peach, and Luigi are all playable characters on the slopes. EA doesn’t disappoint it’s SSX fans and you’ll have hours and hours of enjoying with this game either playing online or at home or with your Playstation Portable.

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