Skin Care Tips: Drinking Water and Avoiding Certain Soaps and Cleansers Among Beneficial Tactics

First and Foremost – In addition to being the largest Organ of our body, skin has other characteristics that must be addressed. Hair is actually a form of skin, but does not cover palms of the hands, soles of the feet, eyelids, nails and lips. During the summer, hair grows quicker than winter and more slowly at night than daytime!. Nails protect fingers and toes from injury and picking up things. A doctor can tell the general health of a person by looking at nails. Illnesses can affect nail growth. Your skin protects muscles, bones nerves and blood vessels as well.

Regardless if you are male, female, a teenager, senior citizen, or expectant mother, it essential to know your skin type. If your skin is not responding to regular cleaning habits, it is wise to always check with your physician if you are experiencing a prolonged skin problem. The following is a detailed account of how you can determine the needs of your skin and care for it to avoid infections, wrinkles and even skin cancer.

Drinking water is a good method of combating skin irritations. Water keeps the body flushed of impurities and keeps the skins moisture level even. If you find drinking water from the tap to be somewhat difficult, why not try the many flavored waters on the market. The flavored water today, are free of calories, carbohydrates, and fats… all of which are contributors to poor health and unhealthy skin. Flavored water is also cheaper than purchasing sodas, check it out the next time you are in the food store. You will not only benefit from healthy skin but you will have a fatter pocketbook.

Avoiding soaps and cleansers with fragrances and fatty content may cause allergic reactions or sensitivity to the skin. To avoid possible reactions or sensitivity, use Anti-bacterial soaps containing triclosan or triclocarban to inhibit unpleasant odors. Mild soaps without coloring agents or perfumes will lessen the stinging of the skin and eyes. Non-perfume products will lessen the irritation or allergy if you have sensitive skin. Lipid-free cleansers are applied to the skin and wiped away instead of rinsed off with water. The cleansers contain glycerin, (transparent soap have high glycerin content) cetyl alcohol, sodium or sulfate. They leave a fine moisturizing film on the skin. Using Lipid-free products will be effective in removing make-up or those suffering from eczema. Older people with drier skin will also benefit from these fat free products.

Moisturizers counteract dryness of the skin by providing a protective agent such as glycerin, lanolin or vegetable fats which are only a small percentage of the soap or lotion. If you have dry skin, applying moisturizers after washing with soap, rather than relying on the moisture in soaps. Cleansing creams are used to both cleans and moisturize the skin. They contain mineral oil, petroleum, water and some waxes. They are applied to the skin and washed off for removal of makeup and sebum from the skin. Cold creams are gentler and used for dry skin.

Cleansing cream are not to be left on the skin, because they can cause irritation if left on for a long time. Hard-milled soaps and synthetic detergents are used for dry skin individuals. When the humidity is low in the winter or in the South-west, it is advised to use products for dryer skin.

Astringents and toners are usually perfumes products that are alcohol-based and used to remove oil from the skin. They produce a tight feeling and usually used after a routine washing with a bar of soap. Astringents are available for not only oily skin, but normal and dry skin types. Astringents are helpful for those who suffer from acne as well. Oily skin types required products that rinse off well. Soaps and liquid cleansers are available. Products for oily skin are stronger and can be used on other parts of the body other than the face. Those with oily skin have problems in their chest, neck and back. Many of the products available for acne are also suitable for oily skin.

Normal Skin can cleanse their skin with bar soap daily. Cleansing sheets, soap gels, and liquid cleansers are all available for normal skin.

The environment can be just as damaging to your skin as poor cleaning techniques and eating habits. Dust, cigarette smoke, dirt, fabrics such as wool or synthetic fibers and sun can cause the skin to become irritated and subject to clogged pores, causing acne, pimples, and wrinkles. Acne are tender, painful eruptions that drain pus and blood. Pimples or acne can also play a part on emotional and social impact in your life.

How do you care for your skin and avoid poor complexion? Drink plenty of water, eat a sensible diet of fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy products. Avoid spices, fatty foods and sweets. Keep clean, wash your face with appropriate cleansing agents, wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face. Instead of squeezing or mashing pimples, wash with warm water, using your fingers to apply the soap, dry with soft towel, do not use a washcloth. Apply toners and other products with cotton balls. If you squeezing can cause long-term redness, brown stains called hyperpigmentation and scarring, a loss of skin substructure. If you ware makeup, be sure it is compatible with your skin type and you have a detailed cleansing method to remove the residue. Wash your hair regularly to ensure it is clean and your scalp is free from any problem causing skin irritations as well. Hair that is not clean and allowed to fall onto your face or neck, can cause problems.

Avoid sunburn, exposure to too much ultraviolet or UV light from the sun. Sun damage or photo damage produces both skin cancer and photo-aging or wrinkling, mottled pigmentation, scaling and dryness.

If you find yourself suffering from skin irritations, pimples, or acne, begin a routine of healthy cleaning and eating habits and be sure to contact your physician if you do not see a change in your complexion after following these suggested tips within a short time. Your physician can suggest a more aggressive program or medication to promote healthy skin.

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