Sunless Tan Products

Whether you are worried about the harmful effects of UV rays on the skin, or you simply do not want to pay those high monthly membership fees at the tanning salon, self tanners are a great way for you to get gorgeous bronzed skin for spring and summer. While at-home tanning options used to be limited to greasy, foul-smelling lotions that took forever to dry, these days there are several sunless tan products that make it easy for you to get a beautiful tan with very little mess or fuss. The four products below even have the added benefit of costing less than ten dollars.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Sun – This aerosol spray contains Retinol and vitamins that soften and smooth skin. It dries in 60 seconds with no streaks, and has a powdery frangrance that is much nicer than the typical sunless tanner. If your skin is well-moisturized, one application will last up to a week. The color is not orange-y at all, and develops in 4-6 hours. The instructions on the can say to spray in circular motions, which is the best way to apply if you want to avoid streaks. Costs about $9.99 at drugstores.

Neutrogena Instant Bronze Foam – This product is applied by pumping the foam into your hand and applying evenly over skin. It contains a bronzer, so some color will show up instantly while your tan develops. The bronzer is helpful in showing where you’ve already applied the product so that you won’t have streaks or areas of over-application. Color develops quickly in about 2 hours, but the odor is a bit strong. Skin may feel a bit dry from the foam, but applying moisturizer after the product has dried works fine. Cost is around $7.99 at drugstores.

Jergen’s Daily Glow – This product is a moisturizer that contains a gradual self-tanner to provide a subtle glow over a few days. Available in two shades, it is a great daily moisturizer, but does have a slight odor. The color is subtle but very nice. Cost is about $5.99 at drugstores, but some chains like Walgreen’s offer their own generic version for even less.

Avon Slim & Sleek Leg Perfector – This “gel lotion” can be used on arms and legs, and it serves two purposes: it instantly gives skin an airbrushed smoothness and touch of temporary color, and it contains a gradual self tanner that develops over a few days for a more even color. The product dries quickly, but can leave skin feeling a bit sticky. Overall, results are nice for a quick fix. Cost is about $10 through your Avon Independent Sales Rep or

For optimal self-tanning results, keep these tips in mind:

  • Cleanse and exfoliate skin right before applying any self-tanner.
  • Make sure skin is completely dry before applying your product.
  • Use self-tanners sparingly around dry areas like knees, elbows, and knuckles.
  • Wash your hands very, very well to avoid orange palms. Use a nail brush to get product out of nails and cuticles.
  • Apply lotions or foams as evenly as possible, and blend well
  • To avoid odor or stained clothing, try applying self tanner at night before bed. This will allow color to develop overnight so that you can shower in the morning.

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