Best Summer Perfumes for Women

Shopping is one of those activities in which women gladly spend their time. And its no surprise when they spend awful lot of hours in deciding what perfume they should buy, one that not only matches their personality but also falls in accordance with the fashion and the season. However, with the right collection of relative trendy choices, one can help them in deciding which perfume they should wear for the upcoming summer.


  • 1

    Calvin Klein One Summer

    As the name suggests, the Calvin Klein One Summer is just something the ladies need to have for the summer. Its fragrance is that of the open sea, more pleasant however. The combination of tangerine and lemon makes you feel as if you’re savoring a fruity cocktail while sitting beside a tropical beach. The perfume is guaranteed to make you feel fresh throughout the day and is totally worth the price.

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    Davidoff Cool Water

    It seems like this fragrance never gets old. The Davidoff Cool Water has always been one of the top most perfumes for the ladies in the summers. The chilling fragrance provides the ultimate contrast to the scorching sun. Cool Water is the right match for the ladies who want to keep it simple during the summer season.

  • 3

    Maison Martin Margiela Untitled

    If you’re the kind of person who has been advocating the ‘Go Green’ campaign throughout your life then you might want to try the Maison Martin Margiela Untitled. The fragrance is recommended to all these women not based upon its pro-Green stance, but on the smell that it exhibits. Untitled’s fragrance consists of lentiscus, boxwood, galbanum and incense altogether. The combination of all these elements makes the right kind of odor for a person who just loves to keep it green and clean.

  • 4

    Gucci Flora

    The Gucci Flora is an update of the original version with the addition of base of rose and osmanthus. The fragrance has a very sweet and playful smell and is the ideal match for those wearing a sundress on a sunny day.

  • 5

    Marc Jacobs Hibiscus

    This is a new addition in the Marc Jacobs’ Splash collection, one that smells like that of a tropical environment. Its smell resembles that of the traditional flowery scents. However, it tends to deliver an exotic feel as well. The fragrance hints out the presence of vetiver and raspberry in it. And is the ideal perfume for a first date.

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