The Pampered Male Executive

From the Fairmont to the Ritz Carlton, spa services geared towards men are on the rise as more males experience the benefits of rest and relaxation with a full-service treatment. Gone are the days when a massage was all that was offered to male clientele; men’s spa services range from facials, shavings services, and even manicures. Despite the initial resistance to the concept a few years ago, spa services are no longer reserved for Father’s Day gift certificate redemptions.

Winding down with a massage continues to be a popular choice for most men on the spa menus, but many are reaching out to add-ons and addressing skin-specific conditions.

The Refinery in central London, Engalnd is a well-knowon retreat for the busy male executive. Treatments include hair and scalp finishing services, a Refinery Body Rebalancing Body Treatment that encourages exfoliation, and hot stone massage, Reflexology, and even self-tanning packages. Powerful detox facials and exfoliation treatments are also available on the Refinery’s vast menu of services. The Refinery anchors itself in a central London tradition of male spa-goers.

The Urban Retreat Day Spa & Salon in Texas offers complete packages geared towards The Chairman, the President, and the Executive. The services include aromatherapy massage, cleansing facials, manicures and pedicures, and a spa-style lunch. These business-focused services cater to luxury lifestyle consumers, and are a great way to encourage new opportunities for spa developers and designers in finding new avenues for men who are short on time, and are looking for simple but effective services. According to Euromonitor, men’s grooming products increased 36% from 1999 to 2004.

The Men’s Den in Little House Spa, Cumberland, Ontario provides a welcome retreat and restoration haven; the privately styled spa and accommodations offer peaceful tranquility and a change of scenery. Vitamin manicures are one of this spa’s top package choices, offering unique formulations of natural products for improving hands and nails.

Spa services are no longer reserved for vacations. Many local spas, formerly only catering to women, are beginning to recognize the trend and needs of men in their areas. Body wraps and manicures are becoming evermore prominent on the spa menus devoted to men, but the most popular services today include:

A Back Facial/Massage service: A two-step process providing a refreshing deep cleasning treatment, in combination with a stress-reducing back massage.

Scalp and Neck Treamtnet: an energizing neck and shoulder massage, with a deep scalp massage combined with essential oil. Scalp treatments help to increase blood flow around the brain, and can significantly increase breathing and natural detoxification.

Skin care and Grooming: These services can range from a complete gentlemen’s shave, a facial, just a facial/head massage to relive pressure.

Add-On Packages: Shoe-shine and dry-clean services are being incorporated into many large-scale spas and hotel services, with an emphasis on men taking a break by including a brief hand, neck, or shoulder massage during the service.

Catering a spa’s menu to men is easy, and a great opportunity to develop and create new services. Grooming and massage are relaxing experiences in the right environment, with the addition of effective products and signature brands. Whether it’s a luxury resort, hotel, or local salon, the buzz on male spa services continues to attract a new consumer group into the spa market.

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