Curel: An Original Lotion for Daily Moisturizing Needs

Finding a good lotion that you can stick with for years is something that I think most of us want to do. Yes, it’s always fun to shop around for new beauty products (I’ve wasted my fair share of money on items that were never used more than once). However, isn’t it great to know that you have found at least one lotion that you can count on without having to go on endless lotion searches? This has been the case for me with almost the Curel products I have used. I was introduced Curel really only 4 years back when my sister informed me their pediatrician recommends it (it works great for cradle cap on infants as an over the counter remedy). Since then, I’ve tried most all of the lines of lotions that Curel makes, but lately it has been Curel Daily Moisture Therapy Lotion Original Formula . I bought this lotion for 5.99 at a local Walgreen’s. Some people may think this too expensive for lotion while other may think it’s too low of a price, but it is well worth it if you want an effective lotion.

Curel Daily Moisture Therapy Lotion Original Formula

Curel’s daily moisture lotion comes in a 13.5 ounce white plastic bottle with a twist off pump on the top (to dispense the lotion). According to Curel, their products are dermatologist recommended and proven to provide hydration for at least 24 hours. They also promise that the lotion is non greasy, and gentle enough to even use on your face. It also has a triple-emollient formula that is supposed to penetrate deeply into skin. In order to get get the best results, Curel suggests that the lotion be used on a daily basis.

To use Curel Daily Moisturizer Lotion Original Formula , simply untwist the upper part of the pump dispenser until it is unlocked (when you hear a click sound, the lotion is ready to use). Press down on the pump until you have the desired amount in your hand. Then, apply the lotion generously and even wherever you need it.

My Experience with Curel Daily Moisturizer Lotion Original Formula

Although this is not the first Curel lotion product I have used, it still has the same consistency as all the other. The lotion is extremely thick, but it is very easy to dispense. I didn’t notice much of a smell with this lotion, and that seems to be the case so far with almost all the Curel products that I have used. Curel also offers another lotion that is supposed to be fragrance free, but I’ve never noticed much of any fragrance anyway. I suppose the fragrance free would be for sensitive skin more than for the actual smell, so I’ve never tried that product as of yet. Anyhow, once the lotion was dispensed, it went on as smooth and as even as possible. It actually did lock into my skin and left it feeling soft and moisturized. Another wonderful thing about this product is that it doesn’t take much to get the job done. Only a small amount is needed to cover skin, and there is no need to reapply for several hours. The thing I noticed the most though was how effective it was on my hands. It made my hands look as soft as my daughter’s hands when she was a 6 month old baby. Now I am in the constant habit of applying this stuff, even when I don’t need it.

My daughter has been a fanatic swimmer so far this summer, and her skin is left a little dry from the chlorine almost daily. After using Curel Daily Moisturizer Lotion Original Formula , I noticed a vast improvement (and even over lotions that are specifically made for after swimming). Not only has this lotion worked great for me, but for the entire family as well. It is gentle enough for children yet powerful enough for adults who may experiencing dry skin problems (or just want a daily moisturizer). We’ve been using this product for a little over 2 months now, and everything that Curel promises has proven to be correct. The lotion typically lasts more than 24 hours in my case, and even locks into my skin while I am in the shower. The rest of the family uses the lotion and I can see a difference in their skin. Whenever Curel is used, their skin looks more shiny and radiant. This is one lotion I don’t think we can live without.

Overall Recommendation

I normally use the age defying and firming lotion by Curel because it contains Q10 Coenzymes. However, I have discovered that all the lotions that I have used by Curel are excellent. This product does what is promises to do, and can be used by everyone in my family. With it’s almost non existent fragrance and noticeable effects, I would definitely recommend giving this product a try.

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