How to Use a Bidet Toilet Seat

A bidet looks and functions very much like any other toilet but is very special in its own little way. Unlike regular toilets, the bidet is specifically designed for personal hygiene and can be a great tool if you know how to use it properly.

Bidets are great to use prior to having sex with your partner, while menstruating along with problems like hemorrhoids and bowel movements. Not many people know, but a bidet also comes in handy for those with physical disabilities, unable to wash themselves when needed. The warm/cold water jets allow for cleaning like no other method without the hassle.


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    Getting a Bidet

    Not every bathroom comes equipped with a bidet. For those that do not have enough room in theirs to fit a new one, there are many devices that can be installed on your regular toilet and will work just as well. A separate freestanding bidet is by far the better option, that is if you can afford putting on up or have the required space to do so.

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    Sit on the Bidet

    The bidet comes in handy after using the toilet and completing whatever you need to do when nature calls. After using the toilet, sit on you bidet to kick off the process of using one that will lead you to a cleaner bottom; a feeling that is only possible after taking a shower but now courtesy of the bidet, one that you can feel every time.

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    Adjust Jets and Direction

    Prior to just using it, you should adjust the bidet in a way that it will be able to clean your genitals and anus in a proper manner and not just be shooting water all over the place. The strength of the jet stream should also be adjusted depending on your need of cleanliness because most bidets do come equipped with the ability to shoot out water at quiet a lot of speed and pressure.

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    Now for using the bidet. Clean your anus and/or genitals as required by using the jet stream of water up till the desired point. Some, but not all bidets come factory fitted with the ability to dry the skin in question afterwards through an air dryer. If not, clean your genitals and anus with toilet paper or towel.

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    Rinse the Bidet

    The last step would be to rinse out the bidet when done using it, to make sure the next experience is as clean and safe, for you or for whoever is looking forward to use it.

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