Ten Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Gillette Fusion Razor

It’s Not Necessary: There is nothing uproaring about it. Of sure, it will shave your face,. I use some other brands and it works perfectly. This is nothing that is worth $10 or more . For me don’t have a specific razor for many months or years now, and I’ am happy with it, and will stick with it. I think there are other brands that a little cheaper and better than this Gillette fusion power.

Diversity in Promotion. I think the Gillette company should concentrate in promoting a particular product of theirs, and should on one or two product; because it could lead to lacking of quality in some of their product. Gillette fusion power is just a fiction of their product extravaganzas in other to make new similarly themed products to go with it. Fusion brand shaving creams, Fusion aftershave lotions, they promote the battery powered Fusion and stress using Duracell batteries (also by Gillette), and on and on. It seems like they made the razor for more advertisement.

Batteries. It is not relevant to good shaving. This will eventually cause additional cost in buying batteries or inconveniency especially when charging the batteries . Could cause delay if the batteries are not properly charge and won’t meet the demand of the costumer at that particular point in time. In additional, this will increase the potential of Gillette fusion power, when buying a Gillette fusion power one will put in mind to buy batteries recharge and also replacement in terms of theft.

No New Effect. When it comes in contact with your face, it is just a normal shave. Accepted, a spear single blade razor is not an effect modern. Don’t really need an additional blade to removed stubble.

In Affiliation with Jones. In that the society of today taste about new and no quality added invention; they have to take advantage in order to advertise to caption the mind of the people. Seeing the packaging of the new Gillette fusion power, one would be tempted to buy it. But nothing different from other brands.

Get Tried of Using it: Considering the time, number of blades and usage one would misplace or get tried of using it. I think the company should think of something of more inventory than adding more blades to the products.

Caution. In using this brand of Gillette, one has to be extra careful in respect that they shouldn’t harm themselves with it. Most people get shave without taking necessary precaution when using other brands, but the Gillette fusion power is unlike.

Whistles and Bells. These are what are call advertising strategy in other to acquire you customers. The beard and mustache trimmer or evener that is on the back of the razor is contain the in added advertising strategy(extra features). Are all this relevant or germane to enhance shaving. I don’t need all this feature, don’t any decent man or guy would need that either.

Don’t believe the Propaganda: This is a feature of publicity or fake advertising that does fulfill the quality of the said product . They engage in what I call mass advertisement in order to confuse, convent and convince the potential costumers or consumer to subscribe to what is not really important to shaving.

It costs roughly $10 . Considering the fact that all hands are not equally, one would say that is a little bit expensive for the common that less than $10 in 5 hours. I think this will affect the international sells of this product. Gillette fusion power is what I call a specific and centralize categories of people to purchase this product.

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