How to Make Hand Soap from Old Soap

Don’t know what to do with the small pieces of various soap bars in your bathroom that have no use for you? Bring the creative aspect of your personality or the high school art and craft enthusiasm into use and recycle soap scraps to make brand new soap. It is a cost effective project to make best use of the pieces of the old soap that you usually throw away at the end. In this way, you would be able to have the qualities and ingredients of various soaps in one soap. Another thing about making hand soap from old soap is that you can use various designs of soap mould to make interesting soap shapes.

Recycling old soap to make a new fresh soap is simple and unique science fair project for high school students. You can involve your children in this simple project as it doesn’t require any specific set of skills. Even beginners can perform it smoothly under your minor guidance.

Things Required:

– Old soap bars
– Rubbing alcohol
– Squirt bottle
– Hand towel
– Cheese grater
– Glass measuring cup
– Microwave
– Spoon
– Small decorative moulds – select shape according to your own choice


  • 1

    Place all the old soap bars in a colander and rinse them under the tap’s running water in order to do away with any stray hair or dirt stuck to it.

  • 2

    Once rinsed well, drain the old soap bar well and pat dry with a piece of cloth or towel.

  • 3

    Dispense some rubbing alcohol into a medium squirt bottle and place aside at room temperature.

  • 4

    Using a sharp cheese grater, grind down the old soap bar pieces. Now shift the grinded soap pieces into a microwavable measuring cup.

  • 5

    Place the cup in your microwave oven and turn it on at high temperature. Microwave it for 25 to 30 second until melted completely.

  • 6

    Turnoff the oven for few second, stir properly to make sure there are no more soap pieces and all are melted well.

  • 7

    Turn on the oven again and heat for 20 more seconds.

  • 8

    Remove the measuring cup from the oven and pour the melted soap liquid into the soap moulds.

  • 9

    Squeeze out some rubbing alcohol onto the back of the soaps in the moulds in order to do away with all the possible air bubbles.

  • 10

    Set the soap mould in a cold, dry and safe place until cooled completely and solid.

  • 11

    Once hard, carefully pop the new soap from the moulds and use.

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